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Footfall Management

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CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project title “foot fall in mall ” has been accomplished by Mr. Niraj kumar, Mr. Sushil kumar, Mr. Nagender kumar, Ms Rajni, Ms. Neha Arora under my guidance and supervision. They have submitted in the partial fulfillment of requirement of PGDM from This DELHI SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES AND RESEARCH, DELHI work as not been submitted anywhere else for the award of degree. All source of information have been dully mentioned. (Ms. Noopur Aggarwal) SUPERVISIOR DELHI SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES AND RESEARCH, DELHI -110085 CONTENTS

Chapter-1 Meaning Of Footfall ? Meaning of footfall ? Objectives of study ? Limitation to study Chapter-2 Techniques to measure footfall ? Camera traffing monitioring ? Electronic footfall monitioring ? Automated counting ? Manual counting Chapter -3 An Glimpseof Shoppers Stop ? Introduction of shoppers stop ? Features of shoppers stop(rajouri) ? Structure of mall ? Parking system ? Visitior’s information Chapter-4 Research Methodology ? Type of research ? Research approach ? Sampling design ? Collection of data Chapter-5 Finding And Conclusions Opinions Questionnaire References

Chapter-1 FOOTFALL Defination-Objective Of Study,Limitation to Study Meaning of footfall Footfall, is a measurement of the number of people entering a shop or other public space. The number of people are visiting a shop or mall in a day,that much will be understood the footfall for that day. If 15000 people are visiting a mall in one week, it means footfall for the week is 15000 for the week. footfall is an important indicator of how successfully a company’s marketing,brand and format are bring people into its shop. In europeon culture footfall is known as padestrian counting.

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Footfall Management

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OBJECTIVE OF RESEARCH ON FOOTFALL ? To know the importance of footfall measurement in modern scenario This research study will help to throw light on importance of footfall measurement. To know the causes, organization’s interest in knowing the footfall ? To know the impact on marketing initiatives Footfall affect the a marketing head to decide some new events should be organized or not. The effect of footfall effect a manager to what extent ? To know how we can understand customer behavior pattern Footfall is really a measureable scale in understanding the behavior of customer.

This study will tell us. ? To know how footfall effect on decision of heads of mall Limitations to study • No leave is provided to visit the mall. All the data collection, survey are done during our study. • Without having Identity cards it was very difficult to contact with any superior authority • Manager were not ready to tell about the security aids and system. • They feared their ideas will be copied by other competitor. ADVANTAGES OF MEASURING FOOTFALL FOR A MALL ? Provide an indication of customer behaviour patterns ? Assess the impact of marketing initiatives Tailor staff levels according to customer demand, rather than to service supply. ? Empower businesses to better target their marketing efforts ? To check the efficiency of staff Chapter-2 Techniques to measure footfall 1. CAMERA TRAFFING MONITORING The cameras do the traffic monitoring themselves; it isn't a question of simply recording video footage and manual operators counting the numbers of people! The cameras are able to count people by making comparisons between a discreet image that changes rapidly over time, and the stationary background.

The camera technology is state-of-the-art, with ongoing research investigating ways of programming the cameras to take the analysis a level further and distinguish between adults and children, and even make confident distinctions between people and supermarket trolleys. 2. Electronic footfall monitoring: Advances in electronics have added sophisticated footfall monitoring to retailers' information weaponry. Many retailers are reported to be experimenting with this new technology, but limited discussion exists in the public domain on its potential role or retailer experiences. 3. Automated Counting

Automated counting is done through some censurey aids invented by advance technology. [pic] [pic] Many types of automated counting ? Hydro acoustic tubes ? Pneumatic tubes ? Inductive loops ? Acoustic slab sensors ? Passive infrared censors ? Active infrared censors 4. counting manually a person enters in a mall he finds a durwan/guard at standing at gate, he not only greets him but he will be counting the no. of person entering in mall by a handful size instrument. Chapter-3 Introduction of Shoppers stop ltd. [pic] Eros Mall, Plot No. 10, Shivaji Palace, District Center, Raja Garden, Rajouri New Delhi,  Delhi 110027

Phone: 011 - 4505 5400 / 25444101 INTRODUCTION OF SHOPPERS STOP Shopper’s stop has been a pioneer in the departmental store format since it’s beginning in 1991. Shoppers stop is launched as a men’s ready-to-wear garment store in Andheri, Mumbai. shoppers stop is the part of K. Raheja corp. it’s CEO is Govind Shrikhande and managing director is B. S. Nagesh. it has large chain of 28 departmental store around country. shoppers sop rajouri is the 25th store of chain. Shoppers stop are the first global style retailer in India with a wide range of merchandise. Exclusive Shop counters of international brands and world class customer service.

In our Endeavour to retain our positioning as a global retailer we sought to bring the best retail technology, retail practices and sales to india. Features of shoppers stop (Rajouri). ? Shoppers stop rajouri is the biggest departmental stores of india. ? It has 1. 35 lakh sq ft retail area ? It Houses an overwhelming range of premium international and national brands. ? It is a four storey mall ? World class ambiance and cleanness ? Great services to customers through customer service desk or first citizen desk ? Water dispenser were available on every floor ? Four fire exits ? Two washrooms at every floor Sitting arrangement and journals, newspaper are kept beside sofas ? Gift wrapping and alteration. Structure Of Mall ? Ground floor DEPARTMENT NAME : JEWELERY OR SUNGLASS ? Javeri pearls, damas, haute curry, fastrack DEPARTMENT NAME : COSMETIC ? Ponds, lakme, lorell, clearance Brio Leathers ? FIRST FLOOR DEPARTMENT NAME : LADIES ETHENIC • Kashish, Kashish gold, Biba, satyapaul, ritu wear, W, Diy, DEPARTMENT NAME : LINGERIE • Lovable,b’witch, Department name : Men’s formal • Austin reed,blackberry Provoke,wills lifestyle,van hussen,gaps,color plus,satyapaul,arrow,Louis phillip,tommy Hilfiger,FCUK

DEPARTMENT NAME : Kids • Mothercare,pumpkin patch,united colour of Benetton, giny jony, ruff,zapp,Lilliput,Barbie,toys DEPARTMENT NAME : Ladies western • Wills lifestyle,noi,zipsy,ven hussen, Indian terren, Austin reed,blackberry,remanika DEPARTMENT NAME : Mens casual • Spyker,I jeans, levi, pepe,calvin clein,esprit,united color of Benetton, push and shove 3rd Floor DEPARTMENT NAME : Home section • Masphar,portico DEPARTMENT NAME : Sports wear • Mysha,royal sporting house, adidas, nike, reepok,puma, • Luggage section 4TH FLOOR • Desi cafe, food factory, moti mahal, PARKING SYSTEM

Double storey basement parking is the special attribute of shoppers stop. 200 cars can parked easily in parking. direct lift service from parking to main floors. free parking for first citizen of shoppers stop. two- way enterance and exit, valley parking is also available here VISITOR’S INFORMATION Shoppers stop(rajouri) is situated in heart of city at rajaouri Garden in Eros mall in delhi beside the ring road. a visitor can reach to place by bus and metro. Rajouri metro station is attire of shopper stop. It is 22 k. m from international airport and 18 k. m. from domestic airport.

This place has many competetant in area like Westside,tdi mall,citisqure mall,west gate,paragon mall . TECHNIQUES TO MEASURE FOOTFALL AT STORE Store is using the manual counting system to count the footfall. When person enters in the mall the guard at the gate he presses the button of handful machine in his hand. This help to store manager to know the footfall in the store through this data. Floor foot fall is also measured in the same way,to know the floor footfall measurement. The guards standing over there they feed the no. Of persons visiting on the floor in machine. Chapter-4 Research Methodology Types of research

Analytical research:- during all the study, by the available information researcher tries to find out effects on human behavior during any special occasions. Conceptual research:- study reveals the idea that durig Sales period or festive seasons or any special event has increased the footfall up to 100% . so, a retailer should be ready with innovative ideas to attract customer. Research Approaches Quantitative approach:- during study selected executive and managers were contacted to know their view on footfall measurement. By the data cikkectuib study, it infers the rrelation between population and their behavior.

Sampling design Systematic sampling :- in study, people were selected randomly and asked question and their views Collection of data Primary data:- Many Sr. managers and dept. managers are contacted through questionnaire and their views are included in study. Secondary data:- books, journals and internet gave sufficient way to solve the problem. Collection of data through questionnaires:- the questionnaire was made according the problems which arise during the study. What is the impact of footfall on decision making, how is it important to decide future plans of organizations.

The head executive and sales executive were asked to fill this questionnaire. Chapter-5 FINDING AND CONCLUSIONS Finding After completing the research it is found that in festive seasons or sales time mall are getting the increased no. of customer in their outlets or malls. Footfall helps a organization to decide that how many employee should be continued in the oultlet on some day. footfall shows the efficiency of a sales executive comes out by the help of footfall. Conclusions:- It is really very helpful tool to know the firm about their state and way of progress Opinions

The best department manager in chain of shoppers stop awarded Miss Anuradha Sharma tells that during sales period the footfall increases upto 100 % and various activities in store attracts 20% extra customer to their shop. She tells the manual technique of footfall is used in measurement of footfall in the store. She also agrees that the facts of footfall are great helpful to better target their market efforts. Department manager of home section in shoppers stop rajouri Mr. chander verma, says”sales period are obiviously increasing the no. customer in double fold”.

Last festive season their department has achived more than 50%. He confirmed that manual technique of footfall is used in footfall. His opinion about footfall, he thinks’these really help us to forecast the no. of visiotor to our shop. Sales executive of “w” brand in city square mall Mr. Rajesh tells he finds the no. of visitors to their outlet goes up by 100% during sales. he also agrees that festive season they get a good business and their sales increases upto 50% Delhi school of professional studies and research INSTITUTIONAL AREA ,ROHINI SECT-25 DELHI-110085 Name _____________________________________________

Post _______________________________________________ Name of organization__________________________________ What is the % increase in number of customer during sales period. A. 10 -25 B. 25-50 C. 50-75 D. 75-100 Increase in number of customer during any special events A. Doesn’t affect B. Upto 20% C. 30-50% D. 50-100% E. More than 100% Which technique is used to measure footfall in you mall? A. CAMERA TRAFFING MONITORING B. Electronic footfall monitoring: C. Automated Counting D. counting manually does footfall helps to better target their market efforts A. yes B. no signature

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