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Floods in Malaysia

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Improvement in weather conditions saw a drop in the number of flood victims at flood relief centres (FRC) in Pahang and Kelantan this morning but conditions remained unchanged in Terengganu. In Pahang, the number of flood victims at FRC dropped from 35,502 last night to 33,952 as of 9am this morning said a Pahang state police disaster operations room spokesman.

The 33,952 flood victims from 10,328 families are currently housed in 141 FRC throughout the nine districts affected by floods, namely 27,700 in Kuantan, Pekan (3,180 at 34 FRC), Temerloh (1,132 at 23 FRC), Maran (920 at 17 FRC), Jerantut (570 at 11 FRC), Bera (217 at 7 FRC), Raub (137 at 7 FRC), Lipis (60 at 5 FRC) and Rompin (36 at 2 FRC). However, a number of main roads remained closed for traffic, especially Km14 Jalan Temerloh-Bahau, Km18 Jalan Triang-Temerloh and Jalan Jerantut-Kuala Lipis (Kampung Sepial), the spokesman told Bernama today.

In Kota Baru, the number of flood victims in Pasir Mas and Tumpat dropped from 139 last night to 99 this morning said a state disaster operations room spokesman. Water level at Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang was recorded as 8. 68m at 8am this morning and remained at the warning level (Danger level 9m).

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In Terengganu, the number of flood victims at FRC remained at 22,617 from 5,582 families with Kemaman being the worst affected said the National Security Council (MKN) portal.

Kemaman, which was worst hit, saw the highest number of flood victims at FRC with 19,869 from 4,901 families, followed by Dungun with 2,719 from 672 families, Kuala Terengganu six from a family and Marang 28 from eight families. The state Drainage and Irrigation Department reported that the water levels of major rivers in the state were below the danger point this morning. In Johor, 592 evacuees from 160 families remained at nine FRC in the state as the conditions improved significantly said the National Security Council portal. The portal said 484 were in Segamat, 55 in Pontian and 53 in Batu Pahat.

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