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The dominant thumb experiment is used to observe the correlation between handedness and thumb dominance and whether one inherited trait will always influences another correlated trait. Examples of this experiment of this can be traced back as far as 1908. In this experiment 50 people were asked to clasp their hands and the thumb dominance.

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Once the hands were clasped, one thumb would tutorial overlap the other and the handedness of each subject was noted.

The hypothesis of the experiment is that when people clasp their hands, the thumb of the dominant hand may overlap the thumb of the non-dominant hand. In 1999, a scientist by the name of Regis completed 18 studies of parents and their children to find that 55% of the population are left-hand-clappers (therefore right-handed), 44% are right-hand-clappers (left-handed), and the remaining 1% report that they have no reference or are indifferent (ambidextrous).

It also states, familial data suggest that hand-clasping may be under genetic control”. Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to study the correlation between thumb dominance and handedness. Hypothesis If an individual is right-handed the right thumb will be dominant when the hands are clasped. If the individual is left handed then the left thumb will be dominant the hands are clasped together. Procedures Equipment Used 50 Volunteers Pen