First year seminar

School colors
Red black & grey
School mascot
Black panthers
School president
Carlton E Brown
First president of CAU
Thomas Cole
schools that make CAU
Clark college and Atlanta University
Clark college motto
Culture for service
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Atlanta University motto
I’ll find a way or make one
Atlanta University founded
CAU founded
Clark College named after
Davis Westgate Clark
Clark College founded
Credits needed to be: freshman
Credits needed to be: Junior
Credits needed to be: Sophmore
Credits needed to be: Senior
Credits needed to: graduate
Clark college first president
D W Hammett
How many time should students talk to their professors per semester
3 times
Minimum class size
Core values
-Exhibit respect

-Embrace diversity and inclusiveness

-Pursue excellence

-Innovation and collaboration

Uphold student centerdness

Sacred grass
W.E.B Dubious wife’s ashes spread on grass
Joint enrollment
High school senior and junior taking college classes for college credits
Cross registration
Attending Clark and taking classes at Morehouse or Spelman
Must declare major by
45 credits
Reasons for absence

-medical emergency

-jury duty

-military duty

World AIDS Day
December 1st
Maximum and minimum credits
18 max 12 minimum
Steps to enrollment
-Academic advisement

-course registration

-Financial payment

-Financial registration

Clark College colors
Cardinal & black
Atlanta University colors
Crimson and grey
Atlanta University first AA president
Dr. John Hope
Connection between WEB Dubious & Atlanta University
Faculty member of history dept
Open book on seal represents
Knowledge and enlightenment of bible
Who wrote Lift Every Voice and Sing
James Weldon Johnson
Full time student
12+ credits
Part time Student
Less than 12 credits
Non degrees
Taking classes but not pursuing a degree
The Greatest Need written by
Dr. Denis Kimbro
4 types of resumes




Name of Alma Mater
Reign Clark Atlanta
Who wrote Alma Maters
Eric C Lincoln
Who wrote the 7 steps to self esteem?
Marjorie L Kimbrough
7 steps
-wake up and thank god
– meditation & bible study
-exercise your body
-plan well balanced meal
-mantainte a beautiful good fitting wardrobe
-plan to do something for someone
-plan to do something for yourself
How many Newbern principles are there?
Who were the Newbern principles a challenge to?
The graduating class of 2000
What are the Newbern principles?
1 As gods children always love God and treat everyone like his child

2 take what you have and make what you want & ur skills will always make room 4 you

3.never allow someone to drag you so low to make you hate for hate destroys the hater

4 burn the midnight oil to achieve your goals

5 have respect for education

What are the Newbern principles?
6. Develop a smiling face and always be gracious to everyone, even though everyone is not gracious to you, and by all means treat others as you want others to treat you
7. Stay with the church and be a person to work for change to improve the surroundings whenever you find yourself
8. Your body is a temple of God- do nothing to mar or destroy it
9. In all that you do, help somebody
10. Always raise your eyes to the hills from where God comes from. God, who made the hills, the mountains, the earth and heaven and everything in them can and will open doors for you that no one can close
In Dr. Kimbro essay what is prayer?
The secret of all ages, the true foundation of all human greatness
The AUC world AIDS day announces a student essay competition to ___
Promote awareness
What is the
Transient student (incoming)
Is a student from another university who comes to CAU for 1 or more semester and plans to transfer back to home institution
Transient student (outgoing)
With approval CAU Student may enroll in another college to complete courses for degree
Transfer student can have a max of — credits
Maximum course overload credits
Official name of Clark College
Clark University
4 schools @ CAU
School of business
School of social work
School of arts & sciences
School of Science
Dean of student affairs
Dean Hammit
In Dr. Kimbro essay what is the greatest need?
Atlanta University first president
Edmund Asa Ware
Which building was Atlanta Universities library
Trevor Arnett
What organization founded Atlanta University
American Missionary Association
Where’s the president s office
Harkins Hall
First 3 Presidents of CAU
-Thomas Cole
-Dr. Walter D Broadnax
-Carlton E Brown