Fire Protection Organization Quiz 1

Who is the current Director of the entire Santa Ana College Fire Technology Program?
Don Mahany
Santa Ana College has a fire academy program that is recognized by the California State Fire Marshal.
Which of the following would NOT likely occur during the background check?
Evaluation of overall physical conditioning
Cooking fires are identified as accounting as the cause for the largest number of residential fires.
Television shows have raised the public’s expectations of the fire service?
Firefighter certification is based on what?
NFPA 1001
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Where is the National Fire Academy located?
Emmitsburg, Maryland
The U.S. fire departments respond to a fire how often?
Every 17 seconds
Early American water systems consisted of what?
Hollow logs with wooden plugs
Approximately how many firefighters in the United States die every year as a result of fires?
Firefighters must be well trained in a number of different skill sets (e.g., fire, medical, rescue, etc.)
Place the rank order, starting with an initial (e.g., entry level) ranking to highest (e.g., experience) ranking. *for this question, 1 = least highest rank / 4 = highest rank*
1. Firefighter, 2. Fire Captain, 3. Fire Battalion Chief, 4. Fire Chief
In 1853, what city became the first city with a fully paid fire department?
What word means to perform operations without a coordinated effort or the knowledge of one’s superior officer?
What is used to measure education, experience, and to interactively evaluate the personal characteristics of the individual job candidate. Moreover, it is considered to be the MOST IMPORTANT part of the hiring process by many!
Oral Interview
Which of the following jobs normally includes firefighting (e.g., suppression) duties?
Apparatus Engineer
The first hand pumpers discharged water through a large nozzle mounted on top called what?
A gooseneck
Horse drawn apparatuses in fire-related services were eventually replaced by motorized apparatuses.
The employment standards for a regular firefighter are essentially the same as for a firefighter trainee.
What does FEMA stand for?
Federal Emergency Management Agency
The Corps of Vigiles are considered to be one of the earliest firefighting forces.
A well-rounded background of education, experience, community service, skill, and positive attitude will take potential firefighter candidates far!
Approximately how many people in the United States die every year as the result of fires?
How long does a typical (most common) probationary period last if a firefighter is working a 24-hour shift schedule, making the average days per month worked approximately 10?
12 months