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Financial analysis report

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Letter of internal control from external auditors 5.Minutes of board meetings 3.Energy sector analysis Energy is considered to be the lifeline of economic development.

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For a developing economy with a high population growth rate, it is important to keep a balance between energy supply and emerging needs. If corrective measures are not effectively anticipated significant constraints start emerging for development activities. The rise in global energy demand has raised questions regarding energy security and increased the focus on diversification, generation and efficient allocation.

The answer lies in the attainment of optimal energy mix through fuel substitution by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy and interregional co-operation. However, oil and natural gas will continue to be the world’s top two energy sources through 2040. Pakistanis economy has been growing at an average growth rate of almost 3 percent for the last four years and demand of energy both at production and consumer end is increasing rapidly. Pakistanis total energy consumption stood at 38. Million tones of oil equivalent in 2010-11. The relative importance of the various sources Of energy consumption of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LAP), electricity and coal has been broadly similar since 2005-06. The share of gas consumption stood at the highest equal to 43. Percent of the total energy mix of the country, followed by oil (29. 0 percent). 3. 1 crude Oil The total supply of crude oil for the fiscal year 2010-11 was 75. 3 million barrels. The 68. 1 percent was imported and 31. 9 percent was locally extracted. 3. Natural Gas The consumption of increasing natural gas is rapidly. As on December 31st 201 1, the balance recoverable natural gas reserves have been estimated at 24. 001 Trillion Cubic Feet. The average production of natural gas during July- March 2011-12 was 4236. 06 million cubic feet per day (Emcee) as against 4050. 64 (Emcee) during the corresponding period of last year, showing an increase Of 4. 57 percent. Natural gas is used in general industry to prepare consumer items, to produce cement and to generate electricity.

In the form of CNN, it is used in transport sector and most importantly to manufacture fertilizer to boost the agricultural sector. Currently 27 private and public sector companies are engaged in oil and gas exploration & production activities. 3. 3 Liquefied Petroleum Gas-LAP LAP currently contributes only 0. 5 percent to the total primary energy supply in the country. However, 87 percent of its demand is met through local production. The rest is imported. This lower share is mainly due to local apply constraints and the higher price of LAP in relation to competing fuels like fuel wood, dung etc.

Currently, in Pakistan, out of 27 million households, approximately 6 million are connected to the natural gas network while the rest are relying on LAP and conventional fuels such as coal, firewood, kerosene, biomass etc. LAP has thus become a popular domestic fuel for those who live in areas where the natural gas infrastructure does not exist. The annual total supply of LAP remained 467,476 tones; 1 , 281 tones were produced daily during 201 2, out of this 46 percent is produced in the private sector while 54 percent is produced in the public sector.

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