Final: History Vocab

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
congressional act giving the President nearly complete control over U.S military actions in Vietnam
Tet Offensive
major Viet Cong attack on towns, cities, and American bases throughout South Vietnam
My Lai massacre
incident in which American troops killed from 175 to 400 Vietnamese villagers
domino theory
the fear that if one nation falls to communism, its neighbors will soon follow
policy of replacing American forces with South Vietnamese soldiers
in 1964, Johnson began military_____, or expansion of American involvement, in the Vietnam War
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college professors held_____ in which they expressed opinions about Vietnam War
conscientious objector
young men who opposed fighting in a war on moral or religious grounds
college students could postpone being drafted into military service by getting a_______
Ho Chi Minh Trail
troops and supplies poured into South Vietnam from the North via the_______, a supply route that passed through Laos and Cambodia
satellite nations
a______ in eastern Europe was controlled politically and economically by the Soviet Union
iron curtain
the_____was the imaginary line that divided Europe between capitalist West and Communist East
Cold War
the term_____ refers to the competition that developed between the U.S and the Soviet Union for power influence in the world
after WW2, American leaders developed a policy of____ to resist and stop the spread of communism
Marshall Plan
the____pledged American financial aid to all European nation following WW2
Berlin airlift
the____provided vital supplies to a region blockaded by the Soviet Union
in the late 40s, the____investigated the motion picture industry for Communist influences
a_____shows the names of people whom employers agree not to hire
is the ability to come to the verge of war without actually going to war
arms race
the struggle between the U.S and the Soviet Union to gain weapons superiority
Congress for Racial Equality(CORE)
civil rights organization founded in 1942 and dedicated to effecting change through peaceful confrontation
Southern Christian Leadership Conference(SCLC)
civil rights organization founded by African American minsters in 1957
protest technique in which African American occupied a segregated establishment and demanded service
freedom riders
civil rights workers traveling on interstate buses to protest segregation at terminals
Rosa Parks
African American women who refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama
Civil Rights Act of 1964
legislation that banned discrimination in all public facilities
Voting Rights Act of 1965
legislation that enabled more African Americans to register to vote
de facto segregation
actual, as opposed to legal, separation of whites and African Americans
Nation of Islam
African American group founded by Elijah Muhammad that preached black separation and self-help
black power
the idea the African American should unite, take pride in their heritage, and control their own organization
Jonas Salk
doctor who developed a vaccine against polio
William J. Levitt
developer who mass-produced new communities in suburbs
Benjamin Spock
pediatrician who wrote a highly influential book on child care
Betty Friedan
author of The Feminine Mystique
Adlai Stevenson
Democratic candidate for President in 1952 and 1956
Richard M. Nixon
Eisenhower’s vice presidential running mate
Jack Kerouac
considered the leader of the Beat Generation
Dwight D. Eisenhower
President and former commander-in-chief of the armed forces
the way seats in a legislative body are distributed among electoral districts
provided health insurance for poor americans
provided health insurance for older americans
miranda rights
required that suspects be informed of their rights
bay of pigs invasion
april 17th, 1961, exiled cubans who were trained by the cia tried to invade cuba and start another revolution to overthrow castro, it failed
cuban missile crisis
ussr was sending over and setting up missiels in cuba, jfk set-up a quarantine around cuba and checked incoming ussr ships for missiles, lasted for 1 week in october 1962, ussr stopped and took back their stuff
alliance for progress
offered economic and technical assistance to latin american countries
peace corps
a program of volunteers to help developing nations