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FHP Wireless

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What are the reasons FHP Wireless is having difficulty in getting sales and revenues? FHP Wireless is has difficulty in getting sales and revenues because they are having a difficult time finding the right customers. They also don’t really have solid proof of their product working.

Their product would be helpful in warehouses and factories, casinos, hospitals, and college campuses. However, these customers find I too expensive or difficult to use the product.

Their product is also more expensive to install compared to installations of hot spots. People would rather go with what they know.

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FHP Wireless

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FHP Wireless can’t sell to the public because at this time most laptops do not have wireless. They need special wireless cards to add. There are also no smartphones around.

Another problem is that there are no companies that have the same functions of a metro-level Wi-Fi value chain. It would be difficult to get existing providers to support them because FHP Wireless might threaten them. There is also no one to install and use it.

How is FHP’s solution differentiated from customers’ other alternatives?

FHP’s solution differentiates from customers’ other alternatives in that it requires less backhaul. It needs one backhaul for every 30-50 nodes while in a Hotspot, it needs a backhaul for every single node. Per node, it has a higher cost per node. In the long run, the FHP Wireless Mesh would cost less than the cost of creating a Hotspot.

FHP’s performance is about the same as Hotspot Wi-Fi networks. However it is about 300-500 times faster than CDPD and 200-350 times faster than Motorola radio.

The cost of FHP Wireless ranges depending on how many nodes here are but it
could potentially be cheaper than CDPD and Motorola radio.

CDPD is also going out of business. So the best option for outdoor use would be FHP because it is faster than Motorola radio.

Which customer(s) should they pursue(target)? Why?

FHP Wireless should target customers in the utility, oil and gas, and mining markets. These markets have a lot of outdoor space, which creates the need for a wireless mesh system. It allows the company to create a large-scale, reliable and secure network. These markets are generally in remote areas that lack a cellular coverage and some are subjected to extreme weather conditions such as cold and snow to heat to wind and rain. These markets are not in areas that will allow for back haul wires.

In mining environments, the environment can be hostile. Wireless communication would allow for safe, secure, and efficient operations.

How can they make their (whole) product more appealing to the customers they target? FHP can make their whole product more appealing to the customers they target by focusing on its communication aspects. While the product is a wireless mesh, the whole product is communication, safety and security, and efficiency. This will make it more appealing to customers because they would be providing services besides internet.

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