Fed. Gov.

A combination of the views, attitudes, and ideas held by individuals in a community is called
public opinion
Public opinion that fluctuates in response to social, political, and economic events is
He earliest public opinion pollsters were startled to find that many Americans
cared little and know less
The majority Americans
are either very or extremely proud of their country
A recent survey found out that a plurality of the public says they follow government and public affairs
most of the time
The majority Americans
are either very or extremely proud of their country
Americans are ___ about their country’s political, social, and economic institution.
In recent years, American public opinion has
become less ideologically oriented
Which of the following is not a basic value of democracy?
minority rule
According to the text, perhaps the most important matter on which Americans differ is
political ideology
One striking feature of data presented in “economic status and ideology” is
the relative weakness of ideological differences between the income group
Most of what people think and feel about politics them
have learned from someone else
The view that what people can learn about politics depends on the stage of their mental development is called the
cognitive development theory
Which of the following is an agent of political socialization?
the mass media
Political efficacy is a person’s
sense of being able to accomplish something politically
___ is the most common form of political participation in the United States.
The rational weighing of the costs and benefits of participating by a citizen is called the
rational actor model
Research indicates that the transmission of political attitudes from parents to their offspring is substantial only when
attitudes relate to topics that are regularly come up in family discussions
All so the dolloping are factors that motivate people to participate in politics
low srnse of political efficacy
Categories of political participation that Sidney Verba and Noaman Nie identified