With a lot of people oh have to get used to your body changing with girls,progesterone, breast get bigger, getting their period and how to adapt to that, and also getting hair at places. With guys you getting hair in places you never had hair their before,like pubic area, under their arm pits, and legs and arums. Guys get a lot taller and more muscle, testosterone, estrogen. For some teens this is very embarrassing for them and might get picked on and be teased all the time, especially if they are growing more mainly or womanly faster than anyone else.

Now that they are experiencing this they might also find out to be attractive to the opposite sex and this can be a challenge for them. .2 How and when is peer pressure harmful? Can it ever be helpful? Why? Peer pressure is harmful when you can reflect on yourself to teach you good things and encourage you to follow them. Like if you are with someone who is peer pressuring someone else you can see what not to do to someone. Or if you see someone is studying in the library and tells you it’s a good place to go to study now you feel the pressure to go and check it out yourself.

I think It can be really helpful in ere pressure Just depending on what the situation is. As long as it nothing bad where you getting pressured on something you don’t want to do,or you now is not right to do. Its good because someone can pressure you to do something good not bad. For example someone pressures you to go to a Job interview that you don’t feel like you will get the Job, next thing you know you go because they pressed you to go and you get the Job. .3 What types of changes occur in the brain in late adulthood?

The type of changes that occur in the brain in late adulthood are your brain effects he physical activity, their memory starts to forget things, day to day that they are used of doing for years,but the semantic memory improve more with the age but when they get to their ass is than start to decline again. It takes late adulthood longer to process memory and they find ways like strategies to learn ways to remember things for them. Your brain in the late adulthood gets smaller in size Just because your brain takes in so much knowledge from over the years.

The older you get your brain can get Alchemies disease and what that is you forget more and more each ay, you lose a lot of your brain functions during this diseases, this diseases is something that will be with you for the rest of your life until death informational. .4 Why is novel problem-solving particularly difficult in late adulthood? Novel problem-solving is particularly difficult in late adulthood because you brain are slowly losing there functions. So when your viewing a problem-solving it in late adulthood you tend to forget things all the time the older you get.

When trying to solve those type of thing you brain might forget what you where trying to solve that robber in the first place. For example like the Alchemies diseases you tend to forget things and your brain is pretty much slowly going to Just shut done and that’s it. Novel problem-solving part in your brain Just deteriorates when you get older. When your older with this too you lose things like vision, attention and motor memory which is not good when you get elderly, sometimes and a lot of older people don’t even realize it or want to believe it when It happens to them. This tends to be a problem-solving for the elderly.

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