Fast Food Nation test

J.R. Simplot Plant
plant that processes 1 million pounds of potatoes a day
John Richard Simplot
-potato farmer at age of 16
-successful by selling hogs
electric potato sorter
led Simplot to his success
Idaho Russell potatoes
-perfect potatoes for frying
J.R. Simplot Dehydrating Company
successful during WWII
flash frozen process
allowed Simplot to create the frozen french fry
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Clarence Birdseye
patented a number of techniques for flash-freezing in the 1920s
frozen french fry
Simplot sold frozen fries in 1953
-Kroc guy sold these fries in McDonald’s
a market in which a small number of buyers exert power over a large number of sellers
Potato Growers of Idaho (PGI)
supplies market info to farmers and helps them negotiate contracts with processors
fries cooked in 7% cottonseed oil and 93% beef tallow
-changed to vegetable oil
“the fallacy of composition”
mistaken belief that what seems good for an individual will still be good when others do the same
International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)
-largest flavor company
-not only flavors but also perfumes/scents
GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)
if all chemicals in the ingredients are GRAS, the FDA doesn’t require that the flavor companies disclose ingredients
natural flavor vs. artificial flavor
sometimes contain same chemicals produced through different methods
Hank from Colorado Springs
has natural ranch, but things around it are very man made and cause problems for him
Packers and Stockyards Administration (PSA)
federal agency with authority to prevent price-fixing and monopolistic behavior in the beef industry
Tyson foods
supply McDonald’s McNuggets
-largest chicken processor
-lets outside growers grow chickens
Archer Daniels Midland
conspired with foreign rivals to control international market for lysine (important feed additive)
-“Our competitors are our friends, and our customers are our enemies”
Colorado Cattlemen’s Association
demanded a competitive marketplace for cattle & a halt to any illegal buying practices being used by the large meatpacking firms
Greeley, CO
meatpacking city
-gross feedlots & slaughterhouses
ConAgra Beef Company
largest private employer in Weld County (where Greeley is)
Warren Monfort
signed contract with Amalgamated Butcher Workmen
-jobs were high paying
-was meatpacking capital of the world
Iowa Beef Packers
-wanted to cut costs & compete with industry ppl
-designed system that eliminated need for skilled workers
-disassembly line (ppl do one thing over & over)
-put slaughterhouses in rural areas
-introduced beef grinders
hired by Holman to replace striking workers
La Cosa Nostra
Sicilian Mafia in NY
Lexington, NE
-grossness all over the place
E. coli
found in beef
-Lee Harding
-infected cattle show few signs of illness
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
-more than 1/4 of americans get food poisoning every year
-3/4 of food-related illnesses and deaths in US caused by infectious agents that havent been identified
-US gov can’t order a meatpacking company to remove gross/infected beef
White Castle
first hamburger chain, worked to get rid of hamburger’s bad image
-drive-ins & fast food restaurants in southern Cal helped make hamburger national dish
-Ray Kroc promoted as restaurant for families
-also small outbreak of E. coli
-profound effect on nation’s eating habits
Nancy Donley and Safe Tables Our Priority
-organization dedicated to food safety
-e. coli impossible to get rid of
“mad cow disease”
thought to have been caused by feeding cattle dead cats & dogs
grass-fed cattle
cattle not designed to eat other animals, they are solely designed to eat grass
Reagan & Bush administrations
cut spending on public health measures and instead staffed USDA people who were more interested in gov deregulation than food safety
-designed to reduce presence of federal inspectors in slaughterhouses, allowing company employees to assume the food safety tasks
David Theno
-helped eliminate Salmonella from birds in Foster Farms in California
“performance-based grading”
gave grades based on meatpacking places with consistent good meat & bad meat
Clinton Administration
republicans pretty much stopped gov from being able to regulate meat/science/quality of food
form of bacterial birth control
-irradated foods safe to eat
McLibel Case
-McDonald’s sued London Greenpeace activists for libel (saying bad things about them)
-longest trial in British history & PR disaster for McD’s
-decision: McD’s did exploit children thru ads
Lasater Ranch of Matheson, CO
-produces all natural beef
wildlife sanctuary
childhood obesity issues
every month more than 90% of children in US eat at McD’s
scientific socialism
fast food industry is the culmination of larger social and economic trends
Conway’s Red Top restaurant
provides health insurance to all full-time workers
-uses fresh beef & potatoes
In-N-Out burger
bible verses on bottom of soda cups
-chain pays high wages
-fresh beef & potatoes
suggested Congressional actions to help food safety situation
1. eliminate tax breaks that reward chains for churning through their workers and keeping job skills minimal
2. companies should employ workers for a year & provide training
3. strict enforcement of OSHA regulations
4. food served in cafeterias should be safer than fast food restaurants