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Fashion History of Womenswear (1900~1950)

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To inform Specific purpose: To inform my audience fashion history of Homeowners between 1900?1950 Central idea: Western fashion history of Homeowners between 1900-1950 were highly influenced by history event such as World War I and II Main idea: l. WWW brought Asia culture to Europe and Japanese dress are one of the major influence II. WWW brings women to workplace therefore shape and length of dress had huge change, Channel were raised up this time Ill.

After WWW was another twist point, fancy comes bad and Door's The New look were published Commentary were highly influenced by history event such as World War I and II Method of organization: Chorological Introduction: The introduction of Fashion consists at the beginning. We begins with a brief our feeling towards fashion. Body: The body of the speech Chocolate provides an idea of how the society, economic and culture change the influenced the fashion style in Western culture. The first point is about how World War 1 brought Asia culture to Western culture in fashion.

A transition to World War 2 marks Vanessa move to the second point, in which how World War 2 affect the use of fabric, and shows the evidence by photo on the visual ads. Vanessa ends the second point by how the people at that time solve their problem fashion. After the transition, Chocolate bring the subject to 1947 which mention about the change after war, and Dior' The New Look published. Conclusion: Consisting at the end of the speech, the conclusion reminds listeners of the significance of the topic and summarizes the main points. Also, it provides a sense of feeling for audiences that they are a part of the fashion history too.

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Fashion History of Womenswear (1900~1950)

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