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Fashion Fundamentals Test Review

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The designer who creates designs for several manufacturers, is called a High fashion or name designer Stylist- designer Freelance designer The secondary level of the fashion industry is composed of: Is composed of growers and producers of the raw materials of fashion Ђ Is the ultimate distribution level Is the retailer Is composed of manufacturers and contractors of finished apparel Is the level that functions with all other levels simultaneously The primary level of the fashion industry is composed of: 5.True or False Licensing is a legal arrangement whereby firms are given permission to produce and market merchandise in the name of the licensor for a specific per 6.True or False Lines encompass an entire seasons production from a designer 7.

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True or False odd of time.

There is no difference in price point or market location between a line and a election. 8. True or False A knock off is a copy of an original designer garment. 9. True or False An anchor piece for a collection is a piece that sold well at retail therefore it is re cut/ remade in new fabric for the current season. 10. Spring I is shown (circle one) October and November January February March None of the above 11. Resort is shown (circle one) 12. True or False Merchandisers are the links that hold the entire product development process together. They are the link between the design staff, production facilities and the sales staff. True or False The manufacturer does it all from sales, product development to shipping product. He final In stage four of the production process garments are shown to retailers Cutting involves (circle 3 of the below) Making a marker Grading a pattern Spreading the fabric on a cutting room table Bundling the pattern pieces Finishing involves (circle 3 of the below) Sewing on buttons Dyeing Attaching labels Washing to prevent shrinkage Floor ready procedures include (circle 3 of the below) Labeling cartons Adding sales tickets / bar codes to garments Completion of shipping documents Packing properly with correct hangers Private labels are owned by a retailer and only found in their stores. Specification buying is when the retailer tells the manufacturer their standards before they place an order. Offshore production is the practice of producing goods within the country of origin. Manufacturers/ designers produce product only within their category. (For example: a coat manufacturer only produces coats/ outerwear) Designer price zones are considered: The highest price point Bridge price point

Moderate price point Budget price point Please select the price point for product that is sold in the moderate market (Guess, Esprit, Levi Strauss is examples) The major market centers are: (circle 2) New York Houston Dallas Chicago Marts consist of exhibition spaces that house wholesale markets Haute Couture losses money itself but creates profitability through licenses, pr©t a porter lines and franchising. Pr©t a Porter is fashion that is “custom made or made to measure” Semi Annual “Prêt” shows are held in the below capitals: (circle 3) Paris Milan London Geneva Rome Which European fashion market city is known and respected for its luxury textiles, handwork, leather goods and accessories. 30. Compare and contrast the roles of the designer versus the merchandiser? They both research trends, colors, and fabrics using forecasters. Designers sketch the piece while the merchandisers figure out the right prices, places, quantity, etc. 31 . How does a Jobber differ from a manufacturer?

The Jobber handles the designing, planning, cutting, selling, and shipping, but not the sewing 33. What is a chargeable? Retailers way of financially penalizing the manufacturer for late, incomplete, mistaken, or wrong ticketing issues on garments 34. What role do factors play in the fashion industry? Fund the deals by purchasing accounts receivable or lending money 35. What are the six stages of the product development process? 1 . Plan line 2. Create design concept 3. Develop design 4. Plan production 5. Produce 6. Distribute 36. Name the major market centers in the USA. Miami, New York, Dallas, Los Angels, Chicago 37. Name the major market centers in Europe. London, Paris, Milan

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