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Fashion, Fade and Craze in Adolesence

Essay Topic:

Fashion and teenagers!!! Fashion is a popular way of behaving which includes a popular style of clothes, hair, etc, at a particular period of time.Fashion began from the early stone age and lots of upheaval have occurred till now.Len the early age people used to be half naked and wear dresses made from animal skins, leaves etc.

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And carry different weapons like bows arrows, spear heads which resembles that they are following the fashionable trends present at that time.

I was highly influenced by what French designer Coco Channel once said , “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. “Fashion and our lives is interlaced with one another and it is reflected by our contemporary life activities. The teenagers are mostly attracted to the western fashion culture and they are triggered by the exotic western dresses like beautiful clothing etc.

Students want to create the unique image and for them fashion is like a way to express their inner self and by having the latest clothing they want to look cool. Many of them think fashion helps them create an aural psychic influence and it pervades and highlights their resend in the surroundings. Teens are mostly influenced by the latest trends ,colorful designs outfits. And there wardrobe is full of different brands which like Giorgio Airman, Dior,Levis,Gucci,Louis Button, Denim .

Both boys and girls awesomely like to wear casual dress and formal style will be used only in the serious environments like when having a ceremony or performing business meetings, official talks and seminars. Teenagers are mostly inspired and influenced by their celebrities, models and fashion media and the college boys and girls are also trying to leonine themselves. Their fashion icons are their all time favorites artists which teaches them how to innovate ,develop and create new stylish things and from them they also learnt that how to look the worlds from the new perspective. En of the teenager said that the role models provide encouragement to them for doing the right things in a friendly way.

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