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Fashion: -a Person

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Para -“Fashion” meaner the prevailing mode in such things as are subject to change in form or style, as in ornament and etiquette, and especially in dress in the dictionary.-It has spread in all the spheres of our life.-The craze for fashion is great among young people all over the world.

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Para -l agree with the girl on the right. -A person should be dressed in clothes that suit him or her. – A person should not lose his or her personality, deny the comfort and waste money on these well- designed products of one’s imagination.

Clothes are put on to help one look presentable. -People should not follow fashion blindly because it might not reflect our personality. -Moreover, the fashion designers created their clothes for certain people, so it cannot suit everyone. -Ones should choose the most comfortable clothing on their own, because only they know what is the most suitable and convenient for them. Para -Malaysia is a country without four seasons. -Malaysia’s weather is always hot. -Thick and woolen clothes are not suitable for our climate.

We must choose our clothing properly because certain clothes are against our culture or tradition. -Some people may misunderstood and feel that we did not respect them. -We should not wear clothes that are too sexy. Para -Certain clothes are not suitable for the ordinary person because they are special designed for celebrities. -Certain clothes will look exaggerate on us. -Sometimes,we will even being laugh by others . Para 5 – Economically, fashion trends valued by high price.

A person that follow fashion has to spend a lot of money buying new clothes as fashion changed everyday. – It is reasonless because for the same amount of one can buy a tremendous lot of clothes which are likely to help to express his personality. – Hence,a person should not pay such a high price to follow the fashion. Para -As a conclusion,we should wear clothes that suit oneself because it risk a lot as we will lost a lot of money and we will lose our own personality if we follow fashion blindly. Fashion: -a Person By Berries

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