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Progress of a society mainly depends upon the society¤?¬was youngsters. They are the one taking oath to assist the whole nation¤?¬was boat of dream and hope reach their destined desire and anchor the sea-shore. So,people might reckon that young people should be expressed properly to their surroundings regardless by their own or fashion consciousness.

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‘ think,young people should be as much fashion conscious as by which they could get attraction of their Juniors and followers,to be worthy of being followed as the torchbearer of the whole nation.

The current nature of our society is to be driven away or get carried away by the good looks and appearances of a person,though it is hard to listen but a true fact. So,we must be more practical rather than being emotional. As,part of being practical,we have to emphasis on what people hanker after,what they demand for. That is why,young people as,considered as the torchbearer of our nation,should be more fashion conscious to get attractive,so that,they might be followed as the society¤?¬was idol. Humans are by nature characterized as getting attracted by opposite gender room the very beginning of the origin of human society.

Now-a-days,everyone prefers a person¤?¬was outlooks and wealth as well more than anything,which is a real fact. The more you are being fashion conscious,The better you tend to be attractive for the opposite gender. So,as part of finding a decent partner,one might be fashion conscious since it is helpful to let you find one. The visualization of current society regarding one person¤?¬was smartness is day by day deteriorating. People,however,now,think that the one with more fashionable ideas is he one with more smartness. So,it is like,if you are being fashion conscious you are known as a smart guy in your society.

As years,decades waves through and oscillated ahead,our society improves and youngsters are the one who does it through their intelligence,merit and different types of innovative,creative and productive ideas. Since,beautification of our appearance is the major concern for us as part of representing our smartness,which I think,by observing the current situation of our society,various types of reality shows in our TV channels such as,Lush Channel I Superstar,and so on are getting popular day by day,where your face is becoming a product.

Some people of our society visualize one¤?¬was realm and influence over the society are the effects or resultants of habitants amount of wealth,inheritance. They don¤?¬wet pay heed to the outlook or appearances of a person,As fast as one person¤ sees diligence,intelligence,merits and talents are concerned,these are only reflections of that person¤?¬was level of thinking ability,skills on various things,eligibilities on executing tough problems that they face in life. And if a person is vague with his life,he/she can show their skills and potentiality through his works and deeds.

And as an example,if one¤?¬was outlook and appearances would be everything needed in life,football player of Arsenal football club,Servings,could not have become a model. Refuting the counter points of the statement is as much needs as wended to understand the importance of beige fashion conscious as representative of our young generations. As I said earlier,the society is getting drowned down by the outlook,hence being sentimental or hypocrite won’t help someone to find his/her influence on the wealth that they possess.

Since,smartness is one of the key features one might own in succeeding with their life,fashion conscious people are the ones,who are considered as smart people now-a-days. Since,fashion consciousness is virtue of a so called fashionable person these days,so by born or as sustaining a habitual fact,they might be responsible,serious or conscious to all of their duties and responsibilities. In properly described situation of our current society regarding evaluation of a person does contain our fondness to one¤?¬was get awards fashion consciousness is very essential for our teenagers and younger ones to be more expressive. F they are to bear and carry the whole nation forward,they must have something in their character which might provoke their surroundings such as and even superiors to get attracted by. Thus they would enable themselves to grab some followers,who would become their correspondents in building the future of the nation and could get spreader out all over the world as their messenger,as per my visualization upon the topic is concerned.

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