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Fall Fashion Trends

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As we move into fall the weather gets cooler. The leaves start to change and so do clothes. Summer is out, and fall is here. It’s time to put away the bikinis and purchase the latest in fall trends. Pick up these latest trends and you’ll be a unanimous choice for most stylish. Just like last year skinny Scares are hot on the market. Expect to see not only bright colored skinny Scares, but also unique prints.

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For example, leopard and plaid pants will make an appearance on the fall fashion racks as well.

The same style of skinny scares will be out on the market. Watercolors dresses found at stores like Lulu’s already are popular from the summer and they will make their way into the fall season collection as well. The great thing about this dress is that it can be worn on the beach over your swimsuit, but it also can be worn for a fancy night out with the girls. As far as tops go fashion experts predict the effortless look of mixing and matching different prints will live on.

The animal sweatshirts are at its peak in popularity for women of all ages. You can find these items at Forever 21 . For footwear, the reign of Toms will continue, but there is also a new shoe on the market and those shoes are Vans. Vans are similar to Toms accept more sneaker-like. Many people buy various prints and bright colors of Vans. There are all different types of Vans. They are made for both boys and girls. There are low tops, high tops, wide Vans, and skinny Vans.

The famous skater, Tony Hawk, has his own brand of Vans. Boots are back. This fall expect to see the ankle boots back, but this time around they all have a more edgy vibe, including zippers and studs. The ankle boots are still in, but the newest style is combat boots. This military inspired boot instantly adds a touch of edge to any outfit, and they can be worn with Just about anything. If you follow these trends, then your fall wardrobe will be set and every person in school will be wondering how you got such great style.

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