Fahrenheit 451

At what temperature does paper burn?
451 degrees Fahrenheit
What is being censored?
Why do the firemen have to go to people’s houses?
to burn their books
Who is the woman that is the symbol of truth?
Why does Bradbury say books are being condensed?
people don’t have time to read and want quick short readings.
Who is Mildred?
Montag’s wife
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Who is Beatty?
The Fire Chief
Why does society make Clarisse see a therapist?
Because she’s normal; she likes to think.
What is the official symbol of the fireman?
the salamander
Granger compares mankind to a ___________ that burns itself up and then rises out of its ashes over and over again.
A Phoenix
What is the mirror symbolic of?
seeing oneself clearly
Who tries to commit suicide?
Who helps Montag by speaking to him on a two way radio in his ears?
Professor Faber
Who are Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles?
Mildred’s friends
Who are Stoneman and Black?
Montag’s friends (firemen)
What question does Clarisse ask Montag to incite a change in him?
Are you happy?
What devices comes and sniffs to detect books?
Mechanical Hound
True/False Captain Beatty knows Montag has a book.
True ( he just doesn’t know which one)
Who is the “Family” that Mildred refers to each day?
A televised script that she interacts with each day on the big screen to keep her entertained.
Who says, “It was a pleasure to burn”
Which character goes through dramatic change? They are a dynamic character.
Which character would be considered static?