Facts for an earthquake essay

Is a potentially samaging physical event that may cause loss if life, property damage, social and economic disruption and environmental degradation
Short, sudden, intense shaking of the earth’s surface from a build up of tension/ pressure in the rock being released
Ways buildings can be made earthquake resistant
Soft story designed to collapse
Buildings with steel frames
Seismic isolation- buildings supported by bearings that slide left and right to isolate buildings from ground tremors to minimise shaking
Japan GDP per capita
$38 633
Haiti GDP per capita
Date of Haitian earthquake
12th January 2010
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Measurement of Haitian earthquake on the richter scale
Percentage of Haiti’s buildings collapsed
How many lives lost in 2010 Haitian earthquake
250 000
Magnitude of Sendai earthquake on the Richter scale
9 (100 times stronger than Haiti’s)
Deaths of Sendai earthquake
25 000
How many homeless sendai
1/2 million
What was the aim of Japan’s 1981 earthquake resistance standards act
To ensure all new builds withstand earthquakes up to 7 on Richter scale
Year Fukushima nuclear power plant built
How many people moved out of the 20km exclusion zone of Fukushima
70 000
The susceptibility of a loss caused by a hazard impact
Why are people in Haiti vulnerable
Not covered by insurance so if they lose their house they’ll become homeless
Number of people dead from Haiti cholera outbreak
When soils with high water content lose their mechanical strength when shaken and act like fluid
Ways that earthquakes could be predicted (though near enough impossible to pinpoint exact time)
Radon gas emissions
Primary waves picked up which aren’t as strong as secondary waves- people can be warned but not much time
Ways people can be prepared
Educated, earthquake drills, first aid kits