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Factors That Influence College Students of Dela Salle Lipa in Choosing Communication Program

Factors that influence College students of Dela Salle Lipa in choosing Communication Program By Lester Garcia and Joselle Segismundo of Dela Salle Lipa Abstract: * There are factors that influence a student in choosing a communication program. * There is a dilemma on which course to take. A bright future is considered.

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* Student’s age, gender, income, hobbies and interests are considered. Introduction * DLSU Lipa has been offering AB Communication since 2002 like Broadcasting, Journalism, PR, Film, etc.

This study aims to: * Know the demographic profile of respondents * Factors that influence the first year respondents * Their expectations RRL * Reynolds (personal interest) * Baumerster (values) * Taylor (gender differences) Theoretical framework Human action approach model Conceptual Framework Man: student -> Choice B: AB Comm. ->Enroll in AB Comm. -> Working in comm. related field Methodology * Descriptive method * 51 respondents (2 sections) * 1st year AB comm. tudents (2010-2011) * Survey questionnaire conducted in classroom Discussion of Data * The comm. course is female dominated. 80. 39% of respondents are female. * 29. 41% 17 years old * 100,000-300,000php annual income * Hobbies: 62. 75% editing pictures, 58. 82% watching news, 52. 915 watching mainstream TV and film * 45% have good English skills, 39. 22% skilled in lay-outing, 37. 25% good writing skills * Want to be: 1. Layout designer 2. Writers 3. Photographers Summary Course choice is influenced by many factors like personal interest, abilities, educational background, future employment and future plans Conclusion * The industry is dominated by women * Their first years are fit to the course because they have background. Recommendation: * Entice men to enroll in AB Comm. * Students should assess themselves * Institution should offer career orientation * There should be job opportunities for graduates * Parents should guide in the decision making * High school curriculum should be reviewed because it’s a place where students develop