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Facebook Live Adds Nonstop, 24-Hour Video

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As part of the social network's wider push into , Facebook is expanding beyond on-the-ground journalism and .  Facebook Live will now also allow for 24-hour, nonstop streaming broadcasts.

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Facebook Live Adds Nonstop, 24-Hour Video

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The new feature is an upgrade from the 90-minute limit previously imposed on streams using Facebook's , but it comes with the drawback of not allowing for archiving or rewind streams to play back later. Which is unfortunate, considering the Facebook Live team just rolled out a feature to  based on reactions and comments. For now, however, the endless feeds seem to be mostly taking the place of the once-ubiquitous livecams like .

On top of the continuous streaming capability, Facebook also debuted a Live Video feature which TechCrunch calls "geogating" that allows producers to make a video available to users in a specific location -- which could come in handy for sporting events with limited broadcasting rights. And speaking of sports-friendly features, Facebook recently rolled out multi-camera support and the ability to add on-screen graphics, so it's only a matter of time before someone creates the first Facebook-only 24-hour live news channel.

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