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External Analysis

External Analysis 1.PESTLE Factors Political and Legal· Government has high work efficiency, justice and transparency.· Company or individual have low tax rate easy to calculate.

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· Government supports the development of industry and commerce. | Economic·Hong Kong is the world’s 11th trading powers and 2nd stock market in Asia. ·One of the most free trade port and open investment policy. It is the only one RMB offshore market. ·Over-estimation of the number of visitors. Loss $46 million in the second year and $12 million in its third year. | Socio-Cultural·By colonial influence, Hong Kong’s culture will more closely to the western country. ·More open and easy then investment in mainland China. Widely recognized as one of the freest economies in the world. ·Well adapt the Chinese culture. ·Marketing campaign was not aggressive enough. | Technological·Diversification in Business and professional service. Have highly educated professional talents and modern management structure. | Environmental·Resulted in major environmental problem, such as the death of the marine life and pollution from the nightly fireworks display. | | 2. Implication of PESTLE Analysis * As the management over-estimation of the number of visitors and with the Shanghai Disneyland will open in 2014, Disney HK should consider expansion their current target markets, not only focusing on the visitors are from the mainland China. Hong Kong Disney should be more aggressive in their marketing campaign to let more visitors will able to make more visit. At the same time, Disney HK should improve their service quality also the management as well. * Hong Kong public feels that Disney has shown little respect for the sentiments of people and has exhibited little social responsibility. Disney HK should increasing emphasis on environmentally and become more socially responsible.

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