Extended Essay Criteria

Word count
4000 words maximum
Work load
40 hours
Chosen from one of your IB subjects
How is the Extended Essay graded?
What is the maximum mark?
What grade is a pass?
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What skills am I using in writing an IB Extended Essay?
High level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery and creativity.
Criterion A: research question (2 marks)
This is clearly stated in either the introduction or on the title page and is sharply focused, making effective treatment possible within the word limit.
Criterion B: introduction (2 marks)
This clearly demonstrates the context of the research question, clearly explains the significance of the topic and why it is worthy of investigation.
Criterion C: investigation (4 marks)
This has been well planned. An imaginative range of sources has been consulted,or data has been gathered, and relevant material has been carefully selected.
Criterion D: knowledge and understanding of topic studied (4 marks)
The essay demonstrates a very good knowledge and understanding of the topic studied. Where appropriate, the essay clearly and precisely locates the investigation in an academic context.
Criterion E: reasoned argument (4 marks)
Ideas are presented clearly and in a logical and coherent manner. The essay succeeds in developing a reasoned and convincing argument in relation to the research question.
Criterion F: application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject (4 marks)
The essay shows effective and sophisticated application of appropriate analytical and evaluative skills.
Criterion G: use of language appropriate to the subject (4 marks)
The language used communicates clearly and precisely. Terminology appropriate to the subject is used accurately, with skill and understanding.
Criterion H: conclusion (2 marks)
This is effective and clearly stated; it is relevant to the research question and consistent with the evidence presented in the essay. It should include unresolved questions where appropriate to the subject concerned.
Criterion I: formal presentation (4 marks)
The extent to which the layout and formal elements of the essay follow standard format.
Criterion J: abstract (2 marks)
This is a spoiler. It should state clearly the research question, how the investigation was undertaken and the conclusion of the essay (outcome of research). Write this after your have finished your essay.
Criterion K: holistic judgment (4 marks)
The extent to which the essay demonstrates intellectual initiative, depth of understanding and insight.
Research Question
Developed from your narrowed topic, this drives your research. The entire essay focuses on this.
Thesis Statement
Specific, clear, simply expressed, understandable and relevant. It is approx 15-30 words and is your major hypothesis around which you develop your essay and argument.
A shorter, catchier version of your Thesis Statement. Write this last.
Works Cited
This is an alphabetical list of sources you have directly referred to in your essay (MLA format).
Scope and Sequence
This is your essay skeleton. Complete this before starting to write your essay.
This is extra information, not essential to your argument. They are not included in the word count.
Viva Voce
This is an informal interview with your EE Supervisor after you have submitted your final draft. It helps your supervisor assess Criterion K: holistic judgment.
This is where you upload each stage of the writing process.
Essential elements of an IB Extended Essay
Title page, Abstract, Contents page, Page numbers, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, in-text Citations, Works Cited, Double-spaced.
Images and photographs
These are only acceptable if they are captioned, and are used to illustrate a specific point made in the essay.
These are only acceptable if they do not fragment the flow of the argument.
First person: I think, I believe, I feel…
This is only acceptable in the Conclusion.