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Expressing Yourself

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Expressing Yourself Many people have opinions on what they see others wear. They feel that if everyone looks the same that there will be less problems. I believe they are wrong. Have you ever went to a school where they were about to give you a dress code? What was your opinion on the subject? If school officials like principals and vice principals decide they want to enforce a uniform rule they are not helping anything. They will be taking away students creativity and their ability to express themselves.

When people wear what they want they feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. If official change the way we dress it would make for a very boring school. There are so many personalities in a school and they all make the school a fun place to be where others can express themselves without being judged. This will help with a self- esteem problem. Many kids have a self- esteem issue. If people think that wearing a uniform will help them love themselves more they are wrong. I believe it will only make them look down on themselves.

Think about it, if they are out of shape and they see someone in better shape than them and there wearing the same thing their going to think they are ugly Clayton 2 and worthless. Even if people choose how students would dress it wouldn’t help all the other reasons why kids get bullied now-a-days. Everyone should feel beautiful and wearing clothes that you want helps you feel better about yourself. Clothes can also be therapeutic. Sometimes being a misfit is what brings joy to someone. They don’t want to be the same as everyone else.

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Expressing Yourself

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In the constitution it states that we have the right to be free. Free to dress however we would like. If they make us where uniforms it would be taking away one of our rights. I also believe that students parents don’t have all the money in the world to be spending on their child’s clothes. Uniforms are not clothes that students could wear on and everyday basis. Adding uniforms to a schools dress code would allow parents to spend way more money than what they usually would. They would have to pay for their child’s school clothes plus their regular clothes.

I believe school uniforms should not be allowed in schools. I believe wearing uniforms is just all around a bad idea. They don’t allow students to express themselves and their personalities, they don’t help with bullying in the school system, and they take away student rights. I think that if schools really want to have uniforms they should pay for every single students uniform in the school. Students take pride in what they wear and by having to wear a uniform you would just be lowering their self- esteem.

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