Expository Essay Vocabulary

Expository essay
presents information, discusses ideas, or explains a process
Point of View (P.O.V.)
the perspective from which the essay is written, avoid using (I, me, we, and you)
a group of words that contains a subject and a predicate and expresses a complete thought
A group of sentences that explain a single idea. Should start with a topic sentence and include clear examples, details, and/or explanations.
Introductory Paragraph (or Intro)
The first paragraph in an essay; the intro paragraph should get the reader’s attention with a hook relevant to the topic of the essay. This paragraph should end with a thesis statement.
A sentence (or group of sentences) that get the attention of the reader. The hook has to be related to your thesis. The hook begins the introductory essay.
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Thesis statement (or Thesis)
a sentence at the end of the intro paragraph that clearly states the main focus of the essay. The thesis is usually the last sentence of the intro paragraph. The thesis should be the writer’s opinion about a topic stated as a fact.
Body Paragraph
A paragraph between the intro and the closing that provides information and/or clarification of the topic identified in the thesis. The body of the essay should explain or prove how the thesis is true by providing examples, details, and explanations that support your three main reasons why your thesis is true.
Topic sentence
The first sentence of a body paragraph that gives the reader a basic idea of the topic to be discussed in that paragraph. The topic sentence should be a reason why the thesis is true. It should be followed by clear examples, details, and explanations.
Detail Sentence
provides details about the topic sentence
Concluding Sentence
summarizes the main points of the paragraph and provides a nice trainsition to the next paragraph
Concluding paragraph
The final paragraph of an essay, summarizes the main points, leaves the reader with a final thought