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Experience& self awareness

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Furthermore I can assure you my service will be of benefit certainly look forward to hearing back from you soon.Kathy lacked sufficient emotional intelligence to be effective in her new project manager assignment by Self awareness: Kathy had a deep understanding of her strength not her weakness to have time to talk to her staff.There was also lack of empathy as she failed to have the “ability to recognise the feelings and expectations of others and take them into consideration” as they were also local residents.

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Poor relationship with the staff resulted to “a campaign of passive resistance to her leadership”. 2.

The element she exhibit successfully were: Motivation: although the project became quickly bogged due to poor performance she still managed to motivate herself and “pushed her team hard”. Also by settling goals for staff and senior members of the project to “work long hours” to accomplish important milestones in order to complete the assignment. B. Main methods of communication include: Verbal communication either through sound, work or speaking to other members of the project or recorded clips of the senior members.

Also Written communication either emailing or letters with the use of computers and internet for emails. In addition visual communication through graphs from excel or video clips on YouTube or television therefore contributing to the IT and applications. C. 5 Traits of emotional intelligence me: Self awareness: In high school was given a presentation on Kidneys, a sensitive topic managed to trust my intuition& took control of my emotions as that was my weakness. Self regulation: one of my cousins used my bag without asking, i had to hink of how I was going to talk to them instead of fighting.

Motivation: When given 2 or more assignments during college treated myself if i finished a day before the deadline& the days increased as the year progressed. Empathy: when my friend lost her Job& i had Just got a Job I helped her with some of her bills as I had been in a similar situation before. Social skills: I managed to build a good relationship with my new workmates as well as maintaining one with my friends and family. experience& self awareness By naume2

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