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Excellent Human Resources Management

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Global Strategy Group Need to change pic Welcome to Samsung Global Strategy Group I. Samsung Overview II. Global Strategy Group (GSG) III. GSG & You IV. Korea & Seoul I. Samsung Overview I. Samsung Overview (Revenue & Global Presence) Fast growth and vast global footprint Samsung Group Revenue Billion US Dollars 247 Global Operations ? ? 141 149 87 Samsung Electronics 80 22 1997 4 2005 2011 Number of Employees: 344,000 worldwide Offices: 510 offices and facilities in 74 countries I. Samsung Overview (Brand Value) Samsung ranked 17th among global companies in 2011 5 I. Samsung Overview (Total 28 Affiliates Companies)

Samsung Group consists of various business units Electronics Industry Engineering & Heavy Industry Chemical Financial Services Engineering Total Life Insurance Cheil Worldwide Economics Research Institute C&T Corporation Petrochemical Fire & Marine Insurance Everland Inc. S1 Corporation Heavy Industries Fine Chemicals Samsung Card The Shilla Hotels & Resorts Medical Center BP Chemicals Securities Cheil Industries Inc. Asset Management Electronics SDI Other Companies Electro-Mechanics Corning Precision Glass SDS BioLogics Venture Investment Techwin Display 7 Affiliates 5 Affiliates 6 Affiliates 7 Affiliates 5% of Group Revenue 6 3 Affiliates 14% of Group Revenue 3% of Group Revenue 15% of Group Revenue 3% of Group Revenue I. Samsung Overview (SEC Device Business) Electronics (Device) 7 World Leading Consumer Electronics Manufacturer I. Samsung Overview (SEC Device Business) Market leadership in various products Flat Panel TV 28. 3% 1 29. 1% 1 30. 1% LCD TV 28. 5% 1 28. 9% 1 29. 8% Handset 19. 4% 2 20. 6% 2 21. 2% Monitor 17. 0% 1 16. 3% 1 17. 1% A4 Printer 19. 0% 2 19. 8% 2 19. 3% 11. 6% 3 13. 3% 2 13. 4% Refrigerator 8 I. Samsung Overview (SEC Component Business) Electronics (Component) 9 Powering Today’s Devices I.

Samsung Overview (SEC Component Business) Market leadership in various products DRAM 33. 6% 1 37. 4% 1 42. 2% Flash Memory 40. 6% 1 38. 6% 1 37. 0% Mobile Camera Sensor 28. 0% 1 28. 0% 1 27. 8% Smart Phone Processor 47. 6% 1 70. 3% 1 70. 4% 8. 7% 4 9. 8% 2 8. 9% LED Component 10 I. Samsung Overview (Other Electronics Companies) Complementary Technologies to the Core Device and Component Businesses Electronics (Others) Samsung SDI Samsung SDS System Integration Company Business Process Data Center & Cloud Smart Cities & Convergence Pioneering Green Solutions Energy Storage System Lithium Ion Battery PDP Samsung Display 1 Display Company OLED 11 LED Other Mobile Device Screen Samsung Electro Mechanics World Leading Electronic Part Company TV Parts (IP Board) Mobile Parts PC Part (Network Module) (Camera Module) I. Samsung Overview (Engineering & Heavy Industry) Leading companies in construction & shipbuilding Engineering & Heavy Industry Samsung C&T Samsung Engineering Burj Khalifa Petronas Tower (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Indian Oil Co. , Ltd. Refinery Project (Barauni, India) Saudi Arabia Olefin Plant (Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia) Samsung Heavy Industries Built world’s first drillship for Arctic Regions 12

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Leading builder of large container ships (16,000 TEU) I. Samsung Overview (Financial Services) Financial Services Domestic leader in financial services with global aspirations Samsung Insurance Samsung Asset Management #1 Insurance in Korea #1 Asset Management in Korea Samsung Credit Card Samsung Securities #2 Credit Card in Korea 13 #1 Investment Banking In Korea I. Samsung Overview (Globalization Is the Key for Future Growth) New Business Model & Product Idea 14 Global Expansion and Talent New Business Initiatives I. Samsung Overview (Critical to Develop Global Talent Pool) Diversifying Global HQ Expanding Global Reach Samsung Electronics Target ? Samsung Electronics Target Overseas 45% Number of Global Employees in Korea 60% 2,000 65% 1,500 Head Office 55% 1999 850 40% 35% 2015 2020 1999 2015 2020 Other Affiliates Require Top Global Talent for Further Growth Construction & Engineering • Samsung C&T • Samsung Engineering Financial Services 15 • Insurance • VC, IB & Asset Mgmt System Integration • Samsung SDS Lithium Ion Car Battery & Energy Storage system • Samsung SDI Electro Mechanics • Samsung Electro-Mechanics Resort & Environment Business • Everland II. Global Strategy Group II. Global Strategy Group (History)

Since its inception by Chairman Lee in 1997, GSG has been recognized as a credible and highly visible strategic partner to Samsung’s top executives “We need high caliber global talent who can reveal to us a fresh perspective on trends and the latest information. Let us develop talent to become global managers abroad by familiarizing them with Samsung. ” “I greatly appreciate the performance of GSG. Their project work never fails to give me new perspective. I sincerely hope to work close together down the road. ” Kun-hee Lee, Chairman Gee-sung Choi, Vice Chairman Samsung Group Corporate Strategy Office 2011 17

The effect of non-Korean MBAs recruited to Samsung has been like that of a steady trickle of water on stone. The environment has slowly became more friendly to ideas from abroad. II. Global Strategy Group (Role of GSG within Samsung) Pool of foreign talent acting as strategic advisors to Samsung Group Enhance Samsung’s performance with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas Accelerate Samsung’s globalization through various interactions with senior management Develop a pool of global managers who understand Samsung Group and Korea 18 II. Global Strategy Group As Samsung continues to grow, GSG’s role becomes even more important $247B 07 $141B 63 Samsung Group Revenue 45 $87B 20 GS Recruits 25 20 2011 GS Recruits No. of Projects 2005 GS Recruits No. of Projects 1997 ? GSG established 19 No. of Projects ? Built internal reputation ? Greater demand for global talent ? GSG expansion ? Higher number of project requests from Samsung Affiliates II. Global Strategy Group (School Mix) Global Strategists (GS): 78 GS: 5 AM: 5 GS: 5 AM: 4 GS: 4 AM: 8 GS: 5 AM: 1 GSG alumni in Affiliate management (AM): 79 Region of origin Americas 86 Europe 50 Asia Pacific Africa 14 Others 7 GS: 1 AM: 3 GS: 4 AM: 4 GS: 17 AM: 15 20 GS: 4 AM: 4 GS: 4 AM: 4 GS: 2 AM: 4 GS: 5

AM: 3 GS: 1 AM: 0 GS: 5 AM: 5 GS: 4 AM: 2 GS: 6 AM: 9 GS: 5 AM: 6 II. Global Strategy Group (Project Team and Mix) Global Strategists work in small teams on a variety of topics across the many businesses of Samsung Group The Project Team ? Team Members GSG Project Mix ? Conducted total 107 projects in ‘11 - Principal (1) - Engagement Manager(1) - Global Strategist (2) - Project Coordinator (1) Korean - Project Strategist (1) Korean ? 21 Project Travel - Average of 2-3 weeks per project - 100% on select projects ? Project Length - 10~12 weeks Affiliate Mix Functional Mix II. Global Strategy Group (Global Reach)

GSG’s project footprint covers the entire world, providing global strategists a truly globalized experience Canada Wind Energy Europe Digital Appliance Marketing Germany Brand Strategy Russia Premium Market Strategy US Contents & Service Strategy Europe Long Term Strategy China Mobile Phone Project India Channel Strategy Taiwan Channel Strategy US Mobile Phone Strategy Africa CTV Strategy Dubai Construction Project Singapore Cloud Platform Strategy Indonesia HR project Australia Renewable Energy Latin America Long-Term Strategy Africa Long Term Strategy 22 II. Global Strategy Group (Project Sample) Title ?

Mobile Digital Marketing Client ? Senior Vice President, Marketing Background ? Samsung Mobile GBM asked GSG to develop a consistent global digital marketing strategy Deliverables ? Formulated a unified marketing guidelines for digital, social media & mobile gaming marketing in order to enhance capabilities to execute holistic campaigns Results ? Resulted in the creation of a new global digital marketing team with 17+ members 23 II. Global Strategy Group (Cases of Career Progression) Based on expressed interest and professional experience, Global Strategists enter GSG on two different career paths Year 0

Professional 70% Experience Year 2 Industry Track ? Assigned projects are aligned with industry of focus ? Career Interests Year 1 Transition as early as one year ? Experience roles in strategy, marketing and new business development ? Pursue other international assignments after time in Korea Affiliate Management GSG Career ? Explore varied industries and topics as a consulting generalist ? Develop leadership skills through roles of increasing responsibility ? 24 Year 4 Affiliate Management Consulting Track 30% Year 3 Potential to transition to Affiliate management II. Global Strategy Group (Career Progression Support)

Provide support for transition to the line management Operational Support Project Delivery Principal Project Coordinator Project Strategist Work Career Develop Transition Feedback Planning Opportunities Provide advice on transition and support career planning Global Strategist Communicate GSG with Affiliate HR Affiliate Companies 25 II. Global Strategy Group (Cases of Career Progression) Regardless of the amount of time spent in GSG, your experiences will prepare you for a rewarding career at Samsung Year 0 Year 2 Year 4 Year 6 Andrew Umans (GSG ’10, Columbia) Engagement Manager Responsible for working on strategic initiatives across

Samsung Group GSG Lindsey Hamilton (GSG ‘09, INSEAD) Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations Responsible for Brand Strategy for Samsung Electronics GSG GSG Global Marketing Operations Visual Display Division US Subsidiary GSG Global Marketing Operations Mobile Division GSG Digital Media Biz Marketing Latin America Headquarter = GSG 26 = Affiliate Dave Das (GSG ’03, Kellogg) Vice President, Samsung US Home Entertainment Responsible for all Samsung television product marketing in United States = Subsidiary Han Feung (GSG ‘03, Haas) Director & Senior Global Strategist, GSG Responsible for developing consulting capabilities for ll electronics-related areas GSG Visual Display Division Roman Cepeda (GSG ‘03, Wharton) Director, Regional Marketing – Latin America Responsible for overall Samsung Electronics marketing in the Latin America region II. Global Strategy Group (Current Positions of GSG Alumni ) GSG offers the opportunity to develop and shape your career at Samsung’s headquarters and to prepare you for challenges at our global subsidiaries VP. HR, Europe Dir. TV Marketing Sr. Manager, Regional HQ Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing U. K. Dir. Strategy, France Dir. Marketing Vietnam Dir, Corporate Marketing Dir, CTV Marketing Dubai VP. M&A Strategy

Dir. Corporate Strategy Dir. Business Innovation Dir. HR and many more…. Korea Dir. Strategic Planning Sr. Manager Branding(2) Singapore Sr. Manager Regional Marketing Australia 27 SVP Regional Marketing VP. LCD Marketing VP. Home Appliance Marketing VP. Partnership Dir. Mobile Marketing Sr. Manager Product Innovation U. S. Sr. Manager Corporate Strategy Brazil II. Global Strategy Group (What You Can Achieve in GSG) Enhance consulting skills and expand global awareness Leadership Diverse Industry Knowledge Functional Expertise Problem Solving GSG Cross-Cultural Communication 28 Broad Market Knowledge III. GSG & You

Samsung Global HQ in Central Seoul III. GSG & You (Customize Your Careers at Samsung) Strong demand for GSG as strategic leaders and Affiliate managers Industry ? Mobile ? Semiconductor ? Television and Visual Display ? IT Solutions / Network ? Renewable Energy ? Construction / Engineering ? Financial Services ? Pharmaceutical / Biosimilars ? System Integration ? Content & Digital Advertising 30 Function Global Strategists are empowered to pull two key levers to customize their careers at Samsung ? Consulting ? Marketing (B2B and B2C) ? Corporate Strategy ? Branding / Advertising ? Business ? HR Development ? Operations III.

GSG & You (Competitive Benefit Package) We provide excellent benefits in addition to competitive compensation Housing Allowance Modern and convenient location Home Leave Ticket Family home leave flight Education Allowance for Dependents Renowned international schools Medical Insurance Best-in-class care Cigna (GSG) 31 Korean National Health Insurance (Affiliate Management) III. GSG & You (Training Program) GSG provides structured training programs Training & Development Korean Language Class • Consulting frameworks Provided for all GS and their partners • Communication skills • Presentation skills • Project & Team management Hypothesis driven work-planning Off-Line On-line Practice Group On-going Coaching • Improve understanding of new trends Experienced consultants provide coaching and performance feedback • Every Friday between 4~6pm • Structured along industry practices Consumer Electronics Device Solutions Mobile 32 Financial Services New Business III. GSG & You (Who Are We Looking For? ) We look for MBAs with diverse backgrounds and global perspectives who can thrive in a team-based, dynamic business environment Teamwork Global Perspective Thrive in groups – flexibility, open-mindedness, patience Capable of understanding global usiness issues Adventurous Spirit Embrace risk and seek new experience 33 Global Strategy Group Diverse Background Have diverse industry, functional & market perspectives III. GSG & You The Gateway to Your Global Career GSG Affiliate Management . Consulting Skills . Functional Expertise . Global Strategic Projects . Execution of Strategy . Diverse Industry Exposure . Transfer to Subsidiaries Developing Samsung’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow 34 IV. Korea & Seoul 01. Modern & Young City 02. Fast and Efficient City 03. Range of Entertainment Options (Clubs, Music, Films, Sports... ) 04. A foreign-friendly city with good support

BEAUTIFUL KOREA PRESENTS| 01 Modern & Young City BEAUTIFUL KOREA PRESENTS | 02 Fast and Efficient City BEAUTIFUL KOREA PRESENTS | 03 Range of Entertainment Options (Clubs, Music, Films, Sports…) BEAUTIFUL KOREA PRESENTS | 04 A foreign-friendly city with good support Appendix Samsung Group 29 Affiliates web page list Electronics I ndustry Engineering & H eavy Industry Chemical I ndustry Finance & I nsurance Other Companies 42 Affiliate Companies Samsung Electronics Samsung SDI Samsung Electro-Mechanics Samsung Corning Samsung SDS Samsung Techwin Samsung Display Samsung LED Samsung Engineering Samsung C & T Corporation

Samsung Heavy Industries Samsung Total Samsung Petrochemical Samsung Fine Chemicals Samsung BP Chemicals Cheil Industries Inc. Samsung Life Insurance Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Samsung Card Samsung Securities Samsung Asset Management Samsung Venture Investment Samsung Everland Inc. The Shilla Hotels & Resorts Samsung Economics Research Institute S1 Corporation Samsung Medical Center Samsung BioLogics Web Page http://www. samsung. com/us/ www. samsungsdi. com www. samsungsem. com www. scp. samsung. com www. sds. samsung. com www. samsungtechwin. com http://www. samsungdisplay. com http://samsungled. com http://www. amsungengineering. co. kr http://www. samsungcnt. com www. shi. samsung. co. kr http://www. samsungtotal. com www. samsungtotal. com www. sfc. samsung. co. kr www. samsungbp. co. kr www. samsungchemical. com www. samsunglife. com www. samsungfire. com www. samsungcard. com www. samsungfn. com www. eng. samsungfund. com www. samsungventure. co. kr www. samsungeverland. com www. shilla. net/en/ www. seriworld. org/ www. s1. co. kr www. samsunghospital. com www. samsungbiologics. com/ GSG School Champion E-mail List Please contact your school champion for further questions School E-mail Berkeley Parkin Kent parkin. [email protected] com Chicago Yvan Nasr yvan. [email protected] com Columbia Andrew U. andrew. [email protected] com Darden Jay / Reginald reg. [email protected] com / jay. [email protected] com Dartmouth Andrew P. andrew. [email protected] com Duke Robert Allen Robert. [email protected]ng. com HBS Germain Clausse [email protected] hbs. edu IMD David Sebastio d. [email protected] com INSEAD Nienke Budde nienke. [email protected] com Kellogg Johannes & Adrian johan. [email protected] com / a. [email protected] com LBS Jean Philppe jp. [email protected] com Michigan Gil Adato gil. [email protected] com MIT David Segrera d. [email protected] com NYU

Jawahar Singh j. [email protected] com Stanford Kimberly Schultz k. [email protected] com W harton 43 Champion Eyal Yanai eyal. [email protected] com Haas School Champion Bio – Parkin Kent Name Name Parkin Kent (parkin. [email protected] com) Class Class Haas, 2011 Previous Exp. Previous experience Cisco Consumer Products (Flip Video & Linksys) Kaiser Associates GSG Start Date GSG start date September, 2011 Current Position Current project Next generation digital advertising strategy for Samsung Electronics Project Highlight Project highlight Meeting with digital advertising thought leaders in NYC, SF and Chicago Words of wisdom 4 Figure out your passion and dedicate yourself 100% Chicago Booth School Champion Bio – Yvan Nasr Name Name Class Class Chicago Booth, 2011 Previous Exp. Previous experience Kingfisher plc (London, Istanbul) Barclays plc (London) GSG Start Date GSG start date September, 2011 Current Position Current project Smart-TV Content Evolution Strategy through 2015 Project Highlight Project highlight Worked hand-in-hand with over 15 startups and industry experts to enhance Samsung Smart TV’s UI/Content Words of wisdom 45 Yvan Nasr (yvan. [email protected] com) Wisdom begins in wonder ! Columbia School Champion Bio – Andrew Umans

Name Name Andrew Umans (andrew. [email protected] com) Class Class Columbia Business School, 2009 Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, 2010 Previous Exp. Previous experience NERA Economic Consulting (Oliver Wyman Group) Value Line Investment Survey GSG Start Date GSG start date September, 2010 Current Position Current project Leveraging Samsung’s businesses in insurance, health IT, and hospitals to create prevention and wellness services Project Highlight Project highlight Discussed potential partnerships with leading data analytics and wellness design companies in the US and Europe Words of wisdom 6 If at first you don’t like kimchi… keep trying. IMD School Champion Bio – David Sebastio Name Name David Sebastio (d. [email protected] com) Class Class IMD, 2010 Previous Exp. Previous experience Texas Instruments Rakon GSG Start Date GSG start date May, 2011 Current Position Current project System Air Conditioner Channel Mapping for the Digital Appliance Business Project Highlight Project highlight Definition of a Corporate Development fund and process for the microprocessor division Words of wisdom 47 Bring your leadership training to the workplace. Darden School Champion Bio – Jay Subhash Name

Name Class Class Darden 2011 Previous Previous Exp. experience Accenture GSG Start Date GSG start date September 2011 Current Position Current project Mobile gaming strategy and partnership development Project Highlight Project highlight Getting a sneak peek at the latest and greatest mobile games Words of wisdom 48 Jay Subhash (jay. [email protected] com) Turn the fan off at night… Darden School Champion Bio – Reg Jones Name Name Reg Jones (reg. [email protected] com) Class Class Darden, 2011 Previous Exp. Previous experience NBC Universal MDLinx and M3 USA GSG Start Date GSG start date September, 2011

Current Position Current project Project Highlight Project highlight Understanding how a company as large as Samsung can discover co-marketing and co-selling opportunities. Words of wisdom 49 Multi-Affiliate B2B sales effectiveness study across Engineering, C&T, Techwin, Telecommunications Network Systems, and Digital Appliance System Air-Conditioning. Take several breaks each day to refresh your point of view. Go exercise, enjoy a meal, talk to some friends, and read the news. Dartmouth School Champion Bio – Andrew Persson Name Name Class Class Dartmouth Tuck, 2010 Previous Exp. Previous experience

U. S. Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board Company GSG Start Date GSG start date January 2011 Current Position Current project Business model analysis and strategic cooperation with leading developers in Singapore Project Highlight Project highlight Presenting an organizational design overhaul to an insurance Affiliate, and then seeing the implementation of our recommendations Words of wisdom 50 Andrew Persson (andrew. [email protected] com) Be patient and keep an open mind Fuqua School Champion Bio – Robert Allen Name Name Class Class Fuqua School of Business & Nicholas School of the Environment , 2011

Previous Exp. Previous experience Deutsche Bank, Bear Stearns (pre-MBA) Coastal Conservation League; Glencore (MBA internships) GSG Start Date GSG start date September, 2011 Current Position Current project Renewable energy asset off-taker research and development Project Highlight Project highlight Having presidents and CEO’s of major renewable energy companies reply to your email with “we’re very eager to speak to you and your team. ” Words of wisdom 51 Robert Allen (Robert. [email protected] com) Be patient ,and when you’re done, be flexible Harvard Business School Champion Bio – Germain Clausse

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