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Examine how globalisation has resulted in winners

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Examine how globalisation has resulted in winners and losers (15) Globalisation is the process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange. Globalisation over the past hundred years has undoubtedly made the world more interconnected including closer societies, politics, economies, cultures and the environment. Globalisation has increased the production of goods and services.

There are those who argue that globalisation creates "winners" and "losers," as some ountries prosper, mainly European countries and America, whilst other countries fail to do well. For example, USA and Europe fund their own agricultural industries heavily so less economically developed countries get 'priced out' of certain markets, even though they should theoretically have an economic advantage, as their wages are lower. The globalisation of economies has resulted in many winners from the developed nations while also improving improved the standard of living in many developing nations.

As well as this numerous winners include most western nations, some third orld labourers and international institutions. The globalisation of nation's economies has definitely improved the lives of millions across the planet, in both developed and developing countries. By far the major winner from this process has been the citizens and corporations of developed countries. This is due to many factors that have come to fruition in the later half of the twentieth century.

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Specifically, the roles of TNC's, global financial institutions and consumerism all have ties to economic globalisation. Despite the criticisms that surround transnational orporations, they have been directly investing in developing countries and with their expansion into these markets, have actually raised the standard of living in many third world countries. An example of a transnational corporation creating winners with the globalisation process is McDonalds.

This is a major example of globalization in both the economic and cultural sense, with nearly 50 million people around the world being served daily. The primary economic winner in recent times from McDonald's globalisation process has been East Asia, as in 1975 when McDonald's pened it first restaurant in Hong Kong, it brought with it a high standard of professional service and the first restaurant to continually offer a clean eating environment, which customers came to demand from all restaurants later.

Another winner of the globalisation process, are the third world workers employed by transnational corporations. Although the western world sees sweatshops as immoral and unethical, the labourers who work in these places are often being paid a higher wage than most of their fellow citizens. This means through the economic lobalisation process and cross border corporations, workers in developing countries have the opportunities to survive and beat the poverty cycle.

While there nave been many winners trom economic globalisation, there nave also been and will continue to be many losers. There have been many losers including most third world countries, the environment and ironically even most western countries. The primary loser from globalisation has been the developing countries, who have supplied the labour and raw material necessary to fuel globalisation. In any third world countries, globalisation has had the negative effect of creating sweatshops, where workers are paid low wages to do hard manual labour in often poor conditions.

These sweatshops are run by transnational corporations, that have the aim of minimising costs by taking advantage of the relaxed labour laws often in developing countries. An example of a transnational corporation that uses sweatshops is Nike, as its shoes are made in many Asian countries at a low cost and then sold in western countries for a profit. After the goods are sold and the wages aid, the transnational corporations take any profit made back to their headquarters or home country.

This leaves the developing countries in poverty as the workers are being exploited for a minimal wage while the country sees very little of the profits. However, not only are the developing countries affected by economic globalisation, the developed countries that are often at the center of globalisation also experience problems. A major loser that has resulted from the integration of economies specifically in times of economic downturn has been all economies, including both eveloping and developed.

It can be seen that the primary losers from economic development are developing countries; however, developed countries can also be losers. Another significant loser from economic globalisation is the environment; this problem affects all countries on the planet and has been getting worse over time. The environment has been abused and neglected since the beginning of the industrial revolution and today is currently at a precipice. Developed countries are the worst offender when it comes to the abuse of the environment.

There are positive aspects of globalisation as seen in developed countries, also now many developing countries are to some degree enjoying the benefits. However, transnational corporations and the developed world are still generally exploiting developing countries. Likewise, the planet's environment is still being expended at a faster rate than it is being replenished or replaced and will surely cause problems for future generations. Therefore, it can be said that the globalisation process of integrating nation's economies has had both positive and negative effects on the world.

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