Exam: 01.05 The Byzantines

What is the meaning of “dead art” in this quotation?
Objects of idolatry
How did religious leaders attempt to resolve the Iconoclast Controversy
Religious councils were formed to try to settle the issue.
Cyril and Methodius were missionaries to the Slavs who
translated the Bible into the new alphabet written for the Slavic language
Germanic Prince Odoacer forces Emperor Romulus Augustulus to yield the crown of the Western Roman Empire to him in Rome in 476 A.D.
What was an effect of the Iconoclastic Controversy?
Revolts against Byzantine rulers began, illustrating a severe break in relations between East and West.
Which of the following correctly describes Prince Odoacer’s role in the fall of the Western Roman Empire?
Prince Odoacer forced Augustulus to hand over his crown, and Germanic kingdoms claimed the land.
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What happened to the laws and traditions of the Western Roman Empire once it fell?
The laws and traditions lived on, flourishing through the Byzantines who lived in the East.
When Constantine rebuilt Byzantium, it was called “New Rome” because Constantine
built it to resemble “Old Rome”
In the Byzantine Empire, who had the final say on church matters?
The Emperor