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Introduction We are an event organization that is called Eventastic. This agency consists of six experienced and motivated managers that have worked individually after finishing their studies. Due to the fact that we were sharing the same interests, vision and mission we came together. Every manager took a big responsibility in accomplishing their role with professionalism and working on the concept towards a common goal. All the managers have worked in a productive way and our main focus was on fulfilling the clients' needs and expectations.

We want to thank Mr. van Driem for giving us the opportunity to develop the concept and be part of the Olympic Games 2012 in London. Furthermore, we want to thank our teacher Ms. Cromme, for her support and inspiration during the realization of our proposal. 1. Event Company 1. 1 Description of Eventastic We are working with six professional event managers since 2000. We are all specialized in our own work field, as you can see in the organization structure below. Because of our different cultures, we look at organizing an event with different perspectives.

Besides that, we all have a lot of experience in the event world and work together for almost 13 years. Organizing the lottery of the ‘UEFA Cup’ and organizing ‘Queensday’ in Amsterdam are two examples of our previous events. We are committed to ensuring an event that brings exceptional results. We want the companies to not only love the experience of their event, but also working with us. 1. 2 Organization Chart [pic] [pic] 2. Concept London Olympics [pic] Our concept is the Dutch flag where by each color stands for something different: ?

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Red can be associated with fire, which stands for the Olympic fire and therefore the Olympic games, which should take in place in the Netherlands in 2028. Furthermore the Olympic games are standing for an international sports event. The red part of the flag stands in regards to the aim of hosting the Olympic games in the Netherlands also for the international openness of the Netherlands. ? White can be associated with wind, which stands for new ideas and innovation. This color should show the innovation of Holland? s products and companies. Blue can be associated with water, which stands for life or also survive. The Dutch flag is surrounded by an orange frame, which stands for the “Dutch feeling and experience” and furthermore it can be associated with our slogan “See the world through Dutch eyes”. 3. Venue Management 3. 1 Business to Business 3. 1. 1 Target group When it comes to the target group, it can be said that the companies or people from the target group are very important since they may be the potential customers for the event and there are lots of opportunities to collaborate with them.

Since the subject is Sport & Dutch Leisure and Hospitality, the target group for B2B is hotels chains that people can make business with. These hotel chains can offer packages to other customers and attract them in an easier way. At this point, tour operators are also important since they can help to offer packages including transportation, accommodation and so on. They will contribute to have concrete offers for the customers. Booking agencies can handle arrangements related to the venture in the events.

They can supply materials like speakers and so on. In addition, food and beverage industry is also important since it has some advantages to outsource catering companies. It is more effective and cheaper. In addition, event planners/agencies, marketers and sport events have the place in the target group. With the help of these target groups which can also be seen as potential customers that are aimed to attract to the event, the event will be a good platform for them to meet new people, do network and strength the relationships within the industry.

The companies and people from the target group have the opportunity to meet each other and do some business. They can also see what competitors do. It is also a good opportunity for them to follow new trends and developments of the industry. They can also promote their new or already existing products. In addition, this event would be the best opportunity for Olympia 2028 in Holland to promote to the country and get the maximum benefit out of it. And these people are needed for the event so that the objectives below will be reached:

To promote Holland as venue for international sport events and conventions. To lobby for Holland as venue for European and World Championships. To promote the Dutch business sector “Sport”. To increase the Dutch export of products & services of the Dutch sport industry. 3. 1. 2 Guest speakers As there are six topics in our event, it is thought that it would be ideal to have six guest speakers for the seminars. The topics are shown again as follows: * Sport & Dutch Design & Architecture * Sport & Dutch Products Sport & Dutch Destination Market * Sport & Dutch Leisure and Hospitality * Sport & Dutch Medical Technology & Research * Sport & Dutch Nutrition For each topic, there will be one guest speaker who is from a leading company and is following trends and developments within the industry. The guest speakers should attract the attention of the guests but at this point, it can be said that it is almost not possible for one guest speaker to attract the attention of all guests as they would be from different fields.

Thus, the best thing to do is to maximize the attention level for more guests. When it comes to benefits that both guest speakers and guests will have, it can be said that the guest speakers will have lots of benefits although they will not be paid. They will have the chance of meeting with new people and companies and/or strengthen their connections. Undoubtedly, for a guest speaker from a famous brand, it is not necessary for him/her to introduce his/her company to the guests since they are already known and reach a prominent point in the industry.

However, there are still some advantages for guest speakers even from a famous brand, like “to introduce new products and services”. With the help of this, the people or the company will have the chance to meet with potential customers both from guests and from other guest speakers and to make some business with them. It would be a nice and effective opportunity for them to introduce their brand or new services and products in business to business part of the event. On the other hand, it is necessary to analyze how the guests will get benefit from participating to seminars or why they are coming to the event.

Guests are potential customers from the industry and that’s why they are there. Thus, it would be so useful to see new trends and developments within the industry. It is mutual; they can get benefit from the guest speakers and the other guests at the same time. When it comes to specify the guest speakers for the B2B seminars, it is necessary to consider the last trends and developments within the industries. With the help of this, the attendance and attention of guests will be increased.

For each subject, the information of guest speakers is stated as below. Guest Speaker 1: Sport & Dutch Design & Architecture Guest Speaker 2: Sport & Dutch Products Guest Speaker 3: Sport & Dutch Destination Market Guest Speaker 4: Sport & Dutch Leisure and Hospitality Guest Speaker 5: Sport & Dutch Medical Technology & Research Guest Speaker 6: Sport & Dutch Nutrition | | |Time |Day 1 |Day 2 and Day 3 |Day 4 | |9. 0 am |Big opening event with 3D | | | | |Projection | | | |10am |Opening of Exhibition at the |Opening of Exhibition at the |Opening of Exhibition at the | | |Holland Business Promotion House |Holland Business Promotion House |Holland Business Promotion House | |11am |First Round of Tall ships are |First Round of Tall ships are |First Round of Tall ships are | | |leaving |leaving |leaving | |11am – 12noon |Seminar on Tall ship |Seminar on Tall ship |Seminar on Tall ship | |12noon - 1pm |Sightseeing on tall ships |Sightseeing on tall ships |Sightseeing on tall ships | |1pm - 3pm |Lunch on time to network |Lunch on time to network |Lunch on time to network | |3pm |Tall ships arriving at Woolwhich |Tall ships arriving at Woolwhich |Tall ships arriving at Woolwhich | | |Pier |Pier |Pier | |3pm - 4pm |Cleaning of the tall ships |Cleaning of the tall ships |Cleaning of the tall ships | |4pm |Second round of tall ships |Second round of tall ships |Second round of tall ships | | |departing |departing |departing | |4pm – 5pm |Seminar on tall ships |Seminar on tall ships |Seminar on tall ships | |5pm - 6pm |Sightseeing on tall ships |Sightseeing on tall ships |Sightseeing on tall ships | |6pm – 8pm |Dinner and time to network Dinner and time to network |Dinner and time to network | |8pm |Tall ships arriving at Woolwhich |Tall ships arriving at Woolwhich |Tall ships arriving at Woolwhich | | |Pier |Pier |Pier | |8pm - 10pm |Cocktail party at the Holland |Cocktail party at the Holland |Thank you speech and closing | | |Business Promotion House |Business Promotion House |firework | Facility description 3. 1. 4 Location During the B2B event two different location are used the Holland Business Promotion House and three Tall ships. The Holland Business Promotion House which is located at the Woolwhich pier in London is the exhibition area where also the opening takes place.

The stands of the exhibition will be for clients which HBPO invites and for guests who booked the red packages for the B2B event. The three Tall ships are build up and decorated for the business meetings. Each of them has a capacity of about 120 people. To guaranty a good atmosphere to network the capacity is decreased down to 80 guests per ship. All meeting facilities has Flipcharts, pad and pens, Laptops, PA system with microphone, internet connection and more are on the Tall ships. These stuff are rented from the Nautisch Evenementen Bureau. In the appendix there are Floor plans of the tall ships and of the Woolwich peer where the Holland Business Promotion House is build up. 3. 1. 5 Decoration Holland Business Promotion House

During the whole Business to Business event the different locations are decorated according to the concept the Dutch colors. Due to the fact that it is a business event it is necessary that the decoration is discreet to many colors and to many decoration material look not professional. At the outside of the building there are Dutch flags and an orange carpet in front of the entrance door. Additionally to the exhibition stands that are decorated individually by the responsible companies there are flowers like red, white and blue tulips. Furthermore all employees are wearing orange ties, bow ties or scarves. Also the cove lightning in the insight of the building is decorated in orange.

From the Holland Business Promotion House leads a carpet in the colors of the Dutch flag out of the building. After a couple of meters it splits into one carpet for each color which leads the guests directly to the Tall ships. According to the different associations with the colors red, white and blue there are flambeaus at the entrance of the red ship, about two meters high classic windmills at the entrance of the white ship and lighthouses at entrance of the blue ship. Tall ships The employees at the entrance but also inside of the ship is dressed in a formal way with orange ties. The atmosphere is amongst other things because of warm light very friendly.

The beamer that is also used during the presentations of the guest speakers projects pictures and short clips about typical, historical or innovative Dutch contexts. The rest of the decoration divers from the different ships like for example that there are red tulips on the tables of the red Tall ship and other colors on the other ships. On shelves there are all kind of Dutch books and some pictures show impressions of the Dutch culture. Additionally to the Dutch flag that decorates the Tall ships small flags of all countries that part of the Olympics are shown on the ships. Hotels To let the customers of the Business to Business event be part of the concept the Dutch colors during the whole period also some parts of the hotel are adapt to the concept.

As an example the slogan see the world through Dutch eyes is as an eye catcher written down on the keycards ( and the name of the sponsor). Impressions 3. 1. 6 Build-up and break-off - Information about coming exhibition guests needed 15th of July - Tall ships decorated in Vlissingen on the 17th of July. Before they leave at the 20th of July. (decreases transportation costs) - Opening 27th of July |Location |Date |Function |Position |Number Employees |Duration | | | | | | |(in days) | |3 Tall Ships |17. 07 – 19. 7 |Organization |- |1 |3 | |(per ship) | | | | | | | | |Build-up |Electrician |3 (1) |1 | | | |Build-up |Sound, Video, Light |6 (2) |1 | | | |Build-up |Set-up |9 (3) |1 | | | |Decoration |- |15 (5) |2 | |HBPH |24. 07 – 26. 7 |Organization |- |1 |3 | | | |Build-up |Electrician |3 |2 | | | |Build-up |Sound, Video, Light |3 |2 | | | |Build-up |Set-up |12 |2 | | | |Decoration |- |5 |1 | 3. 1. 7 Food and beverage For the Food and Beverage part of B2B, it is thought that the guests will have the breakfast at the hotel. So there is not anything to do with the breakfast for the F department. The guests will have a welcome cocktail every day in the tall ships. There will be snacks, appetizers and soft drinks too. The guests will have lunch or dinner at the tall ships according to their time of trip. All these things which called above will be free for them in tall ships. In the exhibition house, there will be beverages, snacks, appetizers and food. The snacks will be free.

However, the beverages and food will be paid at the whole day. It is thought that the company will make collaboration with “La Place” in the exhibition house and they will give the ten percent commission from their revenues to the event company. After tall ship trips, there will be “Business Networking Cocktail” in the exhibition house. The beverages and cocktails will be free in these closing cocktails. For the menu list of welcome cocktails, Business Networking Cocktails, lunch and dinners, the concept of Dutch flag tried to be implemented. Lots of the food and beverages are red, white and blue which just fit into the concept. There are also traditional Dutch food in the list.

However, there are still some food and beverages which are not from the Dutch flag concept and traditional Dutch food or beverages. Again, here it can be said that it still can be considered as carrying the aspect of Dutch flag concept, the color of red; international. There are some examples and images of food and beverages which are traditional in the Netherlands or fits to the Dutch flag concept: • Dutch Dessert: served in a double glass. On the bottom there will be blue colored crushed ice, above that a glass with the dessert in it. First a white level with chocolate mousse. Plus a level with strawberries. So you will get: red - white - blue. Tiny smoke-house. Smoked food like "gerookte paling" are typical Dutch fish. In this moment it is very trendy to smoke your own salmon or eel (paling). Smoked stands for fire, so this refers to the flag (red - fire). It would be a great idea to have a place for a smoke house, where they can get smoked fish. Further, they can also get Dutch fish like oysters and mussels from Zeeland. This stands for the water which refers to the flag (blue - water). • Red, white and blue cotton candies (a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature). Cotton candy is typical Dutch and you can make it in every color. Dinner and more: stampot and klapstuk, sudderlapjes and draadjesvlees. Plus pancakes (also for breakfast), poffertjes and oliebollen. • Cheese with flags in it (cheese is typical of the Netherlands). When they make one's round with dinner-tray's, they can put a "Delfts" blue dish towel beneath it. • Orange tompouce • Orange flag cake • Orange puffs • Orange cookie (normally it is an pink cookie with glazing, but now you do it with orange. Above that every cookie has a head of one of the players of the Netherlands). • Bitterballen. With three types of sauces: kurry/kethup (red), mayonaise (white), blue cheese (blue) Beverage Cocktail "Raisin' the world".

Bols Amsterdam 1575. "Flavour is not just an ingredient for a drink; it is what makes a moment, a night or a conversation remarkable and memorable. Flavour is what tickles your soul and inspires you to express your creativity and joy for life". That is where Bols is standing for. To experimenting with ingredients and finding new recipes. For our concept we make our own flavour, our own cocktail with typical Dutch Jenever. Within this cocktail: blended Dutch Jenever, sweet red Vermouth, Orange juice and Bols cherry Brandy. *Orange bitter *Jus d'orange *Orange beer (you get this with a drip in the glass, before tapping the beer) 3. 1. 8 Packages

The invited guests of the business to business meeting will have the chance to purchase one of three different packages with different inclusions for the event. White package The white package is called so because next to the event itself a discount for a flight is included. The flight stands for wind which can be associated with the color white. Package Inclusions: 1 seminar with dinner or lunch and sight seeing Opening and closing party Cocktail Parties entrance exhibition Discount for the flight Blue Package This package is called the blue package due to the reason that a hotel stay is included as well. The hotel is located at the London Docklands and the guest can enjoy the beautiful Thames while having breakfast at the hotel.

Due to the location right at the water, this package is called the blue package. The available hotels are either the Novotel London Excel or the Crown Plaza London Docklands. Package Inclusions: 1 seminar with dinner or lunch and sight seeing opening and closing party cocktail parties Discount for the flight 3-night stay at Novotel London Excel Transportation to and from the hotel Red Package This package includes a stand at the exhibition which will take place during the four days of the business to business event. The visitor has the chance to show its passion for his products. Due to the fact that passion can be associated with the color of red, this package is called the red package. Package Inclusions: seminar with dinner or lunch and sightseeing opening and closing party cocktail parties Discount for the flight 3-night stay at Novotel London Excel Transportation to and from the hotel exhibition stand 3. 2 Business to Consumer 3. 2. 1 Target group Our target group for the business to consumer event is very wide. Because of the different stages (red, white and blue), the target group is also very wide. At the red area there will be a lounge area, where people can relax and listen to lounge music. The target group for this area is almost everyone who loves to relax and nice music. At the white area there will be a great show with DJ’s and performances.

For this area the target group are people who like to party and pop music. At the blue area will be all about water, with a foam party, showers and water balloons. The target group are people who like dance music, while enjoying water in different ways. 3. 2. 2 Program The program of the B2C event will be one time in a week. In total there will be two festivals during the Olympic Games. Over all, the process stays the same for every day. The festivals are in order to celebrate the Dutch achievements. In the tables below you can find the program for the festival area, which is divided into three areas: red, white and blue. An overview of the different areas can be found in appendix. Red area:

When the visitors are tired from a full day of party and fun, they can take some time to recover in the red area. People who need a quiet moment to come down and just need a break, are at the right area. Here they can recognize that they are participating the most great full event in the world. The music that will be played is typical lounge music, which are known from the beach clubs in the Netherlands. During the chill out, there will be fire-breathing show guys who will entertain the lounging guests. At the end of each day, there will be firework, which starts with colors red, white and blue and ends with only orange. Figure 3. 1: fire breathing White Area Don't miss out on the best DJ's and greatest performers, while celebrating your nation's achievements! You will enjoy the greatest party in the world. You might even catch the Orange Fever". This stage is dedicated to celebration and party. The combination of good pop music and a good atmosphere, creates a perfect experience for all guests. Figure 3. 2: White area Blue Area During the Olympic the hot summer days and the enthusiasm could be very exhausting. When the visitors need some refreshment they could go to the blue area. They can enjoy the foam-party, cold showers or participate in a water balloon fight. It is perfect to meet some new people and to refresh. Figure 3. 3: blue area, foam-party Time |Action | |12:15 |Opening field | | |Starting with house music | |12:30 - 23:00 |Start with foaming | | |Water balloon fights | | |Cold showers | All visitors can enjoy every area and every experience, in order to find out their own Orange feeling. Every area is related to one of the colors of the Dutch flag. The focus of the B2C concept definitely lies on building long lasting relationships by using the strongest connection tool in the world: Fun! Facility description 3. 2. 3 Location

The location of the festival will be Greenwich. The festival will take place two days and it will include 20. 000 people. Why Greenwich? The location of Greenwich is perfect for this type of festival. It has an great infrastructure and it’s reachable in any kind of way. It is six minutes by DLR (Docklands Light Railway from the London City airport. It also has an excellent connection to high speed rail terminals but, also for the underground of London (Jubliee line Tube). Greenwich has also parking for 2000 cars and coaches and It has shuttles to any kind of accommodation in the neighborhood. Greenwich is also the location for many big festivals in London. -The Red Bull Air Race The UK leg of the Tour de France -The London Marathon So it has the capacity to handle a large festival like this. 3. 2. 4 Decoration The decoration in the three areas will also be in the colors of the Dutch flag. Since there are a red, white and blue area, the decoration will also be in the color of the area. The Greenwich area will be deposited, so there will be two entrances. At the entrances there will be 2 Dutch flags and a large orange carpet at each entrance. Between the trees there will be banners with our slogan on it, to make sure everyone knows what the festival is about. ? At the red area there is a lounge area with couches and beach chairs.

There is a large red carpet underneath those. Furthermore in the middle of the area there is sand on the ground to create a beach atmosphere. ? At the white area there will be a stage for all the DJ’s and performances. This stage is white and is decorated with Dutch flags. ? The blue area is divided in two places. The first place has a large blue carpet with two big foam machines next to it. This is the carpet where the foam party takes place. On the other carpet there is a possibility to just enjoy water. People can have water balloon fight at this place. 3. 2. 5 Build-up and break-off The building up of the business to consumer event starts about one week before the first festival.

In this time the stages are being build, the F&B will be prepared and the place will be sold. Furthermore there will be taking care of the decoration, the toilet areas and the different areas (red, white and blue). After the event is done, it will take a couple of days to rebuild everything and remove all the above. 3. 2. 6 Food and beverage Food All the area’s will have a food court. This food court will exist from different kinds of food. There will be one food suppliers who takes care of all the area’s. this is to make it easier for both sides. There will be one manager who is responsible for the food courts. The food courts will exists of: Fish and chips |Let the people know that we are still in London | |Snacks |Typical Dutch: frikandellen, kaassouflee's, kroketten | |Frites |Typical Dutch frits | |Cheese stand |Typical Dutch cheese | On this festival there will be food served just like any other festival in the world, but there will also be specialized food on the Blue area, such as: ? Slush puppy's Ice cream ? Dutch fish (haring) These stands will also be provided through the food supplier. Eventastic gives the food supplier the freedom to sell their own food. Therefore Eventastic gets 30% off the profit. The food supplier does not has to worry about the stands, they will be provided. Beverages The drinks will be served by our own volunteers. The drinks will be served by using the coins system. Every guest can buy an amount of coins. Price for one coin is €4. The drinks that will be served are standing in the table below. 3. 2. 7 Merchandising We arranged a sponsorship deal with the Jack & Jones, which is a clothes store in the Netherlands.

When we promote the brand on the Olympic Games, they give us a discount on the cost price of 40% for the t-shirts and the caps. For the typical Dutch goodie bag, we include an orange flute, information paper about the Olympics, orange balloons, a cookie (gevuldekoek). ? Orange shirts ? Orange caps ? Typical Dutch goodie bag ? Water pistols ? Sunglasses 3. 2. 8 Packages Red package (€65) • Only an entrance ticket for one day at the festival OR two days at the festival (then it will be €100). • When they book their tickets within the first 8000 tickets which are sold, the price will be €60 for one day. White package (€175) • Entrance ticket for one day at the festival (€65) Included a return flight with Ryan-Air, when it is a flight within Europe. Otherwise they get a discount of 30% (€100) Blue package (€235) • Entrance ticket for one day at the festival (€65) • Included a return flight with Ryan-Air, when it is a flight within Europe. Otherwise they get a discount of 30% (€100) • One overnight stay at the Orange Camping (€60) Orange package (€585) • Entrance ticket for two days at the festival (€65) • Included a return flight with Ryan-Air, when it is a flight within Europe. Otherwise they get a discount of 30% (€100) • Overnight stay at the Orange Camping (€400 for 7 nights) • Included breakfast for all days (€20) 4. Human Resources 4. 1 Strategy

The human resources within the company is a well-organized department that tries to motivate its workers as the first aim. As the company organizes events, the human resources is responsible from hiring new eployees, human resources planning, job applications, employee choices, education and improvement, performance evaluation, working relations, healthy and safety, employee and employer relations and so on. The department tries to motivate its employees and tries to increase productivity. It is tried to get maximum benefit from the employees’ skills, knowledge and capabilities to reach the efficiency and then effectiveness. The department tries to have the employees motivated and satisfied from their work both financially and psychologically.

The quality of work is tried to be increased so that the motivation and the eagerness to work should be stable. For all these, some orientations and trainings are organized for the employees to follow new trends and developments and keep them on tie. And when it comes to concept, it can be said that it is the Dutch flag and each color stands for something else. Red is Olympic fire, international, Olympic Games 2028 and white stands for wind, new ideas, innovative and blue represents water, life and survive. And orange represents the Dutch feeling and can be seen as a frame of the flag. At this point, it can be said that the department is very innovative and come up with new ideas with the help of following trends and developments within the industry.

It is tried to hire only Dutch people and people who can “see the world through Dutch eyes”. In addition, it is needed every employee and volunteer to speak also fluent English so that they can introduce the Netherlands well to people or customers from all around the world. When it comes to orientations, the aim of Olympic Games 2028 is tried to be imposed to the employees and to promote the Netherlands will be reached with the help of them. 4. 2 Outsourcing Apart from volunteers, the company will outsource the employees for security and technical departments. The reason is that these departments need more skills and render more heavy and prominent work which cannot be considered as “easy” as other departments like F&B.

For cleaning and maintenance, the company will have volunteers. For the F&B part, the company will have two chefs to cook on tall ships. However, it is still needed to have volunteers to serve food and beverages. In addition, the supervisors will not be volunteers; the company will hire and pay for them since they need to have some specific skills to manage the volunteers and subordinates. Selection Recruitment and selection for the departments are going to be done with by the human resource department. The company will outsource the catering company and security. Supervisors for food and beverage will be paid employees. And the rest will be volunteers for the event.

At this point, it can be said that all the employees should have at least some specific aspects as follows: ? Between 21 and 35 years old ? Fluent Dutch and English ? Eager to work ? Good communication skills ? Experience of work Training When it comes to training, it can be said that the employees will be trained before the event by the human Resource department with the help of the managers. The trainings will take place one week before the event. They will be informed about all details of the event so that so that all the things will go smoothly. Accommodation and Motivation There are some benefits for employees who will work in the event. They will have the chance to know each other and have an unforgettable experience.

The housing will not be provided for employees however the employees can have the breakfast as a breakfast buffet with the others and they will have the lunch and dinner in the area. The department will give them tickets to get the food and beverages. 4. 3 Volunteers Instead of hiring employees, having volunteers is the best option for the event so that the company can decrease its costs. The volunteers can be found with the help of an advertisement on the website of the event. The people can send their CVs directly from there. At this point, it can be said that all the volunteers should have at least some specific aspects as follows: ? Between 21 and 35 years old ? Fluent Dutch and English ? Eager to work Good communication skills Selection This time, the Human Resource department will do the selection according to the criteria. They will make interviews with the people who applied to be a volunteer in the event and then the selection will be made. Training Trainings will be implemented for volunteers one week before the event. However, the volunteers who will work for B2B event will need more time for training as it is more important. The HR department will manage the trainings with the help of facility manager. They will have the trainings for the subjects like hospitality, communication, bar skills and waiter-waitress skills. Accommodation and Motivation

The volunteers will stay at the Camp Sites which will be provided by the event company. The Camp Sites will be close to the event area and by doing this; the transportation expenses will be avoided. In addition, the volunteers will have the breakfast in the camp sites as a breakfast buffet and they will have the lunch and dinner in the area. The department will give them tickets to get the food and beverages. There are of course some benefits for volunteers to work in this event. First of all it is an unforgettable experience for volunteers which will bring self-enjoyment. In addition, it is a good opportunity for them to put their resume as a “volunteer experience”. 5.

Sponsoring Eventastic will approach different kind of sponsors. For the sponsors it is necessary to connect to our concept: the Dutch flag. The potential sponsors are divided in Business to Business and Business to Consumer. 5. 1 Business to Business For business to business we would like to have Philips as a sponsor. Philips is already a well-known company, but at this event Philips can highlight another side of the company. The Olympic games try to be a sustainable as possible; Philips has also a strong focus on sustainability. Being the sponsor of this event, Philips can promote that they are sustainable. Also they get a stand at the exhibition.

The event will get in return that Philips can arrange the light and sound equipment that is needed. Another potential sponsor for B2B is AVIAREPS tourism. This is a company that takes care of destination marketing for the Netherlands. This company can help us with the marketing, by promoting the festival on their website. In return they will get free publicity and they can get a stand at the exhibition. 5. 2 Business to Consumer A potential sponsor for the festival will be Radio 538. This is a very famous radio station in the Netherlands, who are very popular with people at different ages. Radio538 can sponsor the festival to arrange the music in the blue area.

They will get in return a very wide publicity and that may increase the amount of listeners. Also their brand is written on the back of the shirt of the employees. Another potential sponsor is Beach club Vroeger. This is a famous beach club in the Netherlands. They can arrange the beach chairs, couches, sand etc. for our lounge part in the red area. What they will get in return is free publicity and their brand on the back of the shirt of the employees. 6. Marketing 6. 1 Promotion We will describe the several tools we are going to use to attract as many B2C and B2B customers we need to make this event a huge success. Through several canals the promotion will be made. In the table below you can find them: Promotion |Canal | |Visual B2C |High flyer balloons with advertisements in all provinces | |Internet B2C |Website (B2B and B2C) | | |Twitter | | |Facebook | | |Hyves | |Visual B2C |A flashmop in Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Nijmegen | | |(big cities). | |TV Commercial B2C On the Dutch television | |Radio commcercial B2C |Radio 538, SlamFM | |Invitations B2B |Personal invitation | |Application for B2B and B2C |Smartphone download | |Visual B2C |Advertisements on bus and train stations | B2B invitation package To attract the B2B visitors, we created an unique and exclusive B2B invitation package. We would be able to reach our overall goal: "Positioning the Netherlands in the UK during the Olympic Games in London 2012 as a nation that produces high quality sport products and services", by making a good developed B2B program, enable networking and get introduced with the Netherlands. Thousands of worldwide fans will be attending all medal celebrating ceremonies.

To make the invitation package more personal, we will invite them through a special designed goodie bag, which will be send to them. The slogan on the goodie bag shall be "see the world through Dutch eyes". In this way they will be more curious about our program. This invitation package includes a personal invitation letter (name will be hand written), pen and paper and an application introduction as well as an application coupon in order to sign up. Students from a Dutch University will develop these app as a case for school. The following information will be involved: • Program, with time schedule • Maps • Tickets • Food and Beverage information • Accommodation • Infrastructure Transport • Facts about the Olympic Games • Facts about Dutch venues When the recipient does not have a smart phone, he or she can log in on the website with his/her personal code and the same information can be found. To make a good marketing plan, several subjects you have to consider that have to be included: • Competitors analysis • Product description • Market segmentation • Pricing strategy • Promotional plan 6. 2 Competitors analysis Eventastic has two different kind of competitors. First of all the competitors for the company as an event organizer and the countries who are participating in the selection for being a host country.

The organization competitors: • ISS Events • Eventure • Octopus • Eventurious Competitors of the Netherlands of being a host country: • Australia. Melbourne is considering a bid for either the 2024 or 2028 Summer Olympics. • Canada vs. United States. • Kenya These three mentioned above are potential host countries for the Olympic Games in 2028. 6. 3 Product description B2C The focus is on what is important within the Dutch culture. The B2C concept is focusing on celebrating the achievements together, where different nationalities will be involved. The most important Dutch elements will be showed to the guests: the three colors of our flag (red, white, blue).

Red also stands for the sunset, white for the beach we have in the Netherlands and blue for the North Sea. Thereby, the color orange, the famous Dutch artists and DJ's, typical Dutch snacks and the famous festival experience. Connecting to our slogan: see the world through Dutch eyes, we let the visitors see how the Netherlands celebrate celebrations. People who are attending this event have different kinds of needs and that is why we organize areas with different themes all at the same location. The guests are able to be involved at every area with just being in one. On the festival areas there will be screens, where they can see how the party is going on the other area. Thereby, people can tweet, so they will be connected with each other. B2B

It is important to promote Holland as a country that has a lot to offer, so connecting with each other is very important. The business to business concept is focused on giving the entrepreneurs a chance to network, at one place, with people from all over the world. The Netherlands will be promoted worldwide, due to increase the Netherlands visibility to a large amount of business audience. 6. 4 Marketing segmentation B2C It is important to know your audience, if you have to organize an event on a scale like the Olympics. Sport fans from all over the world is our audience for the B2C concept. We took a closer look at the customers, to discover if our concept meets the wishes and needs of our target group. So we selected some criteria to segment the audience.

The research, to get to know how we can involve their needs into our concept, is based on several segment criteria and the Euro Social Style. We divided the segment criteria into three groups: • Demographic • Psychographic • Behavior To get a more specific point of view, we divided these criteria into subgroups. Because we have two different kind of events, there will be two different kind of target groups. The Business to Consumer (B2C) target group will be described below. Demographic criteria The visitors who come to the Olympic Games are sport fans. These fans can consist of adults or young people. Age The young people, who are attending the Olympic Games, have the age between 16 and 25 years old.

This generation, the young people who are born between 1977 and 1994, is called Generation Y. The adults have the age between 25 and 35 years old. Social class There is a high differentiation between the type of sport fans. This group consists of the lower, middle and higher class. The middle class group is the biggest one of sport fans and they want to spend money to go to an event, so that is the group we are focusing on. This group is also called as "Dink". They are younger couples of 25 years and older and have a double income and no kids. Psychographic criteria Personality Our target group are familiar with computers and internet and easily spends money.

They have less time for leisure, so they buy things online (do their banking online and works at home also in the weekend). They are quite egocentric, they life in a do it yourself culture. Furthermore, they are digitally oriented. They always want to have internet, wherever they are. Finally, they knows and feels exactly which brand is the right brand for them. "Gen Y is seeking more, after than just friendships. They want community to be understood, accepted, respected and included" (the Australian leadership foundation). They strive to make realize what their peers expect of them and their self respect often rests on how well regarded they are in their group. They are very loyal to their friends (Kotler, 2009) Lifestyle

For this target group, it is important to follow up on trends. Generation Y is an attractive group for marketers, because they always want the newest of the newest. Some interests are that they like to spend their spare time the most on: going to a party (74%), listening to the radio (74%) and going to a movie (72%). They are also interested in sports and healthy food. Behavior Consumption Generation Y is not raised in a time of financial crisis. The younger people do not have financial responsibilities: their parents, the baby boomers, have a high income and they are raised in a time of using credit cards and loans. That is why their consumption behavior is high.

Because of the fast technological developments, there is a high change of products. Generation Y always want to have the newest things, so they change their products very fast. They are willing to invest a lot of money to get involved into a certain group. Brand loyalty When it comes down to brands, they are not very brand loyal. Because they want to follow the trends, so they want to buy the trends which is trendy in a certain moment. Sometimes they want to wear a specific brand, because then they have the feeling they belong to a kind of group. Marketing segmentation B2B An event like the Olympics has an enormous scale with people, so it is important to know the audience. Our audience comes from all over the world.

We selected some criteria, to make our audience more specific for out B2B concept. We took a closer look at the business people, to discover if our concept meets the need and wishes of the target group. In this way, we know how we can involve their needs into our concept. It is based on several segment criteria and the Euro Social Style: •Demographic •Psychographic •Behavior Demographic criteria The target group of our B2B concept consists of business people. These are the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Age Generation X have an age between 35 and 46 years old, they are born between 1965 and 1976. The Baby Boomers have an age between 47 and 65 years old and are born between 1946 and 1964 Social class

The Baby Boomers are in all kind of different classes, but we will be more focused on the prosperous and better educated segments. During a lot of years they have a lot of nicknames, such as yuppies, yummies, dinky's, DEWK's and sloppies (Kotler, 2009). The Baby Boomers belong to the welfare or higher social classes, because of their parents. They had enough money and a high education, so they could send their children to school. This also applies for Generation X. Psychographic criteria Personality The personality of the Baby Boomers mostly exists of that they are independent, active, ambitious and career oriented. They always want to be informed about the news and they are interested in classical music, health care and travelling.

On the other hand we have Generation X, who want to remain traditional families and want availability for their children. They created a more cautious economic awareness, because they grew up in an economical crisis. They want to be informed about the regional news and are more aware of products prices. Their interests are music, movies, travelling and raising their kids. Lifestyle Every day, the Baby Boomers are watching television for 2 or 3 hours, of whom 61% is interested in Dutch television (NL 1). 84% of the Baby Boomers uses internet. To compare prices, they make use of advertisements or the internet. Because they have enough money, they can make life comfortable for themselves. They go more than once a year on a holiday.

Generation X is more busy with visiting family and friends, shopping and going to a movie. As well as the Baby Boomers, they compare prices on the internet and watch television for 2 or 3 hours every day, but they have more interest in RTL4. The biggest difference between these two, is the interests and income. Behavior Consumption The most Baby Boomers are doing their purchases at the Dutch store Albert Heijn. Is there is a discount at another shop, like Aldi, C1000 or Lidl, they will go to that store. Most of their money is spend on hot meals, going out for dinner, computers and holidays. Generation X does the same thing with their purchases and their spending pattern. Brand loyalty

To buy well-known brands gives both of the generations a certain status. They stick to a brand, because they are used to it and know exactly what they deliver. 6. 5 Pricing strategy B2C It is important that there is a good price for the customers, because they have to buy the ticket. That is why Eventastic uses buyers' perception of value as the key to pricing. First we analyze the customers' needs and value perception. A price is set to match the customers' perceived value, based upon the needs and value perception. Visitors want some experience during the event, so they want value for their price. If it is worth it, they are willing to pay a high price.

So quantity and quality have to be equal. [pic] Figure 6. 1: pricing strategy To attain more specific objectives, for example to attract as much as B2C guests as possible, Eventastic uses this price strategy. If there will come more people to the festival, the more the Orange feeling is presented. B2B As been mentioned above, it is important to create a good price for the customers. Therefore, you have to understand the value of a product or service completely. First you have to analyze the customers' needs and value perception. So with this, the prices will match with the customers' perceived value. The target group of our B2B concept is hotel chains that people can make business. he target group for B2B is hotels chains that people can make business. To attain more specific objectives, we uses this price strategy to attain more specific objectives (see picture above). 6. 6 Promotional plan Advertising • Sport magazines • Internet • Flyers • Brochures • Newspapers • Advertisement published on busses, in London and in the Netherlands • Broadcast advertising Media Relations Campaign • Press releases through the internet Promotional activities • Sponsorships Merchandising • Orange shirts • Orange caps • Typical Dutch goodie bag • Water pistols 7. Risk analysis The B2B event takes place at two different locations the Tall ships and the Holland Business Promotion house.

The B2C event takes place at the festival area in Greenwich at the orange festival plaza. There are a couple of risks that Eventastic needs to be aware of amongst others financial risks, legal risks and technological risks. A general risk is the Weather. London is well known for the fact that it rains very often also during the summer. In the HBPH and within the Tall-ships it is not necessary to calculate this risk because it is inside. For the outside area between the ships and the weather deck on the tall ships pavilions and umbrellas are available. During the B2C festival ponchos can be bought. Furthermore is first aid equipment at all locations available and for the security a professional Security company is hired.

Financial risks Bad occupation, accidents, damages etc are part of the financial risks Eventastic needs to be aware of. To minimize these risks €75. 000 for insurances and for €45. 000 for unexpected costs are calculated. Furthermore we try to sell as many tickets as possible before hand. Because of this you get earlier money in and can react on less bookings by reduce the number of employees, food and beverage etc. To increase the number of early bookings until one week before the event customers get a small discount of 5€. Legal risks To react on legal risks Insurances regarding employees and guests and possible risks like fire are available.

Additionally Licenses and legal compliances are organized by specialist “orange connection”. Technological risks To minimize the technological risks Technological assistants are available at each location. If a computer or other technological equipment is broken that cannot be fixed by the technological assistants Evantastic is in communication with external organization: if technical equipment does not work a company that delivers new equipment is reachable 1 7. 1 Crowd management Communication To manage a crowd in the right way is absolutely necessary that the communication is done in the best way that is possible. To do this each employee as well as volunteers will be informed about fire escapes etc before the events start.

This will be done during a safety briefing before the events. The communication “between staff” needs to be good during the whole event. Because of this employees are connected with headsets during the whole events to guarantee a good communication. Another communication aspect is the communication between guests and employees. By using threshold points the communication to inform and guide the customers is optimized. If something happens all people will directly and clear informed by using PA system about what happens and what to do in a calm way. All Emergency exits have visible signs that are not just on walls but also at the exhibition stands, bars, snack bars etc.

These signs are according to the target group available in Dutch and English Festival area A specific communication part of the crowd management are the brochures at the festival area which are available at the entrance and at the F&B areas. They give information about the program as well as an area plan including emergency exits. Control the density To control the density it is necessary to know how many people can be at same spot at the same time. By doing this a maximum legal density is at about 70%. 100% should be if 2,4 people are on one square meter. Holland Business Promotion House Just during the opening the density in the HBPH is higher.

A maximum of 1920 guests are at the same time at the exhibition area. There is one bigger entrance that is also used as an exit and two emergency exits. All three exits are in different direction so that it would be easy to leave the building (Appendix II). The HBPH has about 2. 000sqm. Exclusive about 650m? stage and exhibition stand there are 1. 350m? left that need to care a maximum of 1. 920 people. The security standard is a maximum of 70% density for events. Regarding to the mentioned figures during the opening the density would be 59% so under the security standard. 1. 920 people / 1. 350m? = 59% density Tall-Ships The Tall-ships have a capacity of 120 guests.

To guarantee safety and a good atmosphere the capacity of each ship is reduced to 80 guests on one ship at the same time. Through security control and good communication between the employees at the entrance of the Tall-ships not all guests will enter the ships at the same time. That is why there will be no bottleneck at the entrance. Festival area To reduce the pressure of the crowed the tickets can be bought and print in advance though website. The festival area in Greenwich at the orange festival plaza has a size of 25. 000 sqm. There from are approximately 5. 000 sqm for stages, shops, sanitay facilities etc. With a maximum number of expected guest of 10. 000 visitors a day the density should be 70% on 17. 000 sqm. Due to the fact that there are about 20. 00 sqm left the maximum density is definitely lower than 70%. But still there are some bottlenecks for example the entrance area. As it is visualized below the entrance and exit part is not the same so that there is no movement in two direction. Hence are the merchandise stands good visible from the entrance but not too close to the entrance. By doing this people do not block the entrance area and the merchandise is still close enough to the entrance. Figure 7. 1: entrance area Apply safety standards Eventastic does furthermore apply some safety standards like good visible signs with security exists, first aid, extinguisher etc that are of course also available. Tall-ships

Additionally to the safety standards that are at all three locations the same there are life jackets available on the tall ships. Festival area At the festival area a Security check for weapons , fire work, glass etc. is done by a professional security company. Signs inform guests about reasons for the security check and about the way of doing it are readable from 20 to 25 meter before the entrance. There is a No glass policy to reduce the risk of injury because of glass on the ground etc. Moreover crowd control thru security and fences are down to ensure the safety of all guests and employees. 8. Financial 8. 1 Financial part for the business to business event Descrption of Costs |Costs |Percentage | |Marketing |90. 500,00 € |17% | |Adverts |60. 000,00 € | | |Publicity Costs |20. 000,00 € | | |Document Prints |1. 000,00 € | | |Websites |2. 00,00 € | | |Invitations |6. 000,00 € | | |Signage |1. 500,00 € | | | | | | |Decoration |25. 000,00 € |5% | | | | | |Rental Costs |37. 00,00 € |7% | |Technical Equipment |20. 000 € | | |Stands for Exhibition |2. 400 € | | | | | | |Shows |50. 000,00 € |9% | |3D Projection Opening |40. 000,00 € | | |Firework |10. 00,00 € | | | | | | |Staff Costs |16. 350,00 € |3% | | | | | |Food and Beverage |216. 750,00 € |41% | |Lunch/Dinner on tall ships |152. 000,00 € | | |Networking closing party |60. 000,00 € | | |F&B for volunteers |4. 00 € | | |Drinks for Exhibition Hall |750 € | | | | | | |Transportation Costs |33. 000,00 € |6% | |Trasnportation of goods |30. 000 € | | |Transportation for volunteers |3. 000 € | | | | | | |Unexpected Costs |20. 00,00 € |3% | | | | | |Licenses etc |20. 000,00 € |3% | |

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