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Evaluation of Business Code of Ethics

In preparation for your research paper, write a research proposal that includes the following: • Identify the topic and state the question you will answer in your research.

Criminal justice to work in the area as a Probation Officer working in the Juvenile Hall • Provide the rationale for your research question.Refer to the Research Question Appendix on your Week Two student Web site for examples of identifying topics and generating research questions for that topic.1.

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Working with gang crime statistics members? 2.Violent offenders? 3. Sex offenders younger than 15? • Describe your research writing purpose. Will you explore a question of fact, definition, value, cause and effect, or consequence? Refer to Ch.

3, Establishing a Purpose. Are you taking a stand on an issue or arguing a point? Refer to the Evaluating Your Purpose checklist in Ch. 16 of Bookmarks. I am explaining the work of a probation officer and what probation officers have to deal with juveniles. • Describe the type of research you will conduct—primary (based on interviews, etc. ) or secondary (based on sources already written).Describe your research strategy by explaining the process you will follow to collect your information.

Refer to Ch. 4, Planning Your Research Strategy. It would be secondary research, going online finding valid sources to get the information Begin building a research log: Identify (cite) details of each source and collect facts, statistics, expert opinions, examples, and definitions that address your research question. Include your research log with your research proposal.• List at least five sources in the research log. Research Log Jacobson, Michael. “Probation Officers.

” Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement. Ed. Larry E. Sullivan, et al. Vol. 1: State and Local. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Reference, 2005.

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