Ethical Issues in Intercolligate Athletes

The 2004 scandal at U of Colorado involved:
True or False: The NCAA is accountable to its stockholders.
What year was the first intercollegiate contest?
What Kohlberg STAGE of moral development is based on most lessons in intercollegiate athletes?
Punitive stage
True or False: According to Kohlberg, levels and stages of character development are sequential.
Name a recent example of cheating culture in college sports:
Confessions of a Fixer: Mr. White ran an acedemic fraud business helping hundreds of college athletes cheat in their classes.
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Name an example of cheating culture in general society:
Man cheating on wife
What sport was the first intercollegiate contest?
Who is the current president of the NCAA
Mark Emert
How can college sports build character? (2)
1. Develope mental toughness
2. Teaches them how to win and lose with class
True or False: Student-athletes are the only student classification in which amateurism is imposed without consent.
Taylor Branch won the Pulitzer Prize for his writting on:
The Civil Rights Movement
The Penn State scandal involved what?
Sandusky sexually abusing children
Kohlberg defined 6 stages of moral development. What was the level where most character lessons in athletics are taught?
Who was Mary Willingham and what did she have to do with the UNC scandal?
She was the lady who told on athletes @ UNC for acedemic fraud-whistle blower
Who was Douglas MacArthur and what did he contribute to the justification for college sports?
He was an Army general who said that sports helped develope character
What is the O’bannon case about?
UCLA basketball player suiing NCAA for not getting his consent of his image on a video game. His argument is that all graduated college athletes should be compensated for their name and likeness.
What are the 2 largest sources of athletics revenue?
-Ticket Sales
-Alumni/donar donations
Why is Sonny Vaccaro an important figure in the discussion of college sports?
Brought Nike into a lot of schools and helped with the O’bannon case
What OSU football player was charged and later convicted of sexual assualt of a 12 year old when he was a high school recruit?
Chris Collins, 2006
What OSU men’s basketball player was convicted of selling drugs to children while a recruit in North Carolina?
Jameson Curry, 2004
True or False: According to French, character education is a major role for universities.
Why was the one-year renewable scholarship important to the pay for play argument?
B/c athletes are working harder now than they ever did in the past and aren’t garunteed a four year scholarship.
What can be learned from intercollegiate athletics about building character?
Big time sports don’t really build character
True or False: The NCAA started as an organization to standardize football rules and thereby protect the safety of athletes.
True- 1906
In 2003 what was the scandal that rocked Baylor University?
True or False: The NCAA’s men’s basketball contract with the media is $10 billion in 14 years.
What is the significance of Taylor Branch’s main argument in The Shame of College Sports to the discussion about college sports governance?
Universities are using their athletes for fame and to exploit their skills which is cynical.
Who is Kent Waldrep and why is he important to the pay for play discussion?
Got hurt from playing at TCU and the university just dropped him and didn’t help pay for any medical bills. Waldrep ended up suing TCU.
Who played in the “Game of Change” the basketball game that would help put an end to segregated basketball?
Loyola (black team that went on to win the championship) and Mississippi State-March 15, 1963
Jackie Robinson was:
the first black pioneer in sports- excelled in all sports.
Fritz Pollard
Played at Brown University in 1960 and was the first black player to lead his team and play in a bowl game.
Paul Robeson
Played at Rutgers University where his team mate purposefully stepped on his hand and then Robeson tackled him back so hard he made the team. Became an All American and known as a nationwide legand and hero to the black community.
Ben Stevenson
Played for Gambling state University in the 1920s. (won 9 black national championships)
Gambling State University was the home of Coach:
Eddie Robinson
Coach Gather:
Coach at Florida A&M won 84% of games he coached.
Paul “Tank” Younger
1949 changed reality of black college football.
-Became the first Black football player to play in the NFL.
-Played for the Rams
In 1934 Michigan:
refused to play black player Will Willis Ward
Johnny Bright
player from Drake University who got his jaw broke from an Oklahoma A&M (smith) player and it became a racist issue.
Robert Grier
Player at Pittsburg got told he couldn’t play in the Sugar Bowl against Georgia Tech
Prentice Gautt
-1st black player at OU (1956-1959)
-Bud Wilkinson was the coach thanked him in a speech before he passed saying he made the way for many black players to come
-played in the NFL for St. Louis
-earned a doctorate in Counseling at Missouri
-big 8 conference associate director and then later for the big 12
-Mentor to Gerald Gourney-1st person to call him on the first day of work at Iowa State working with athletes
-only lost 6 games in his 3 years
-Gautt’s era at OU was one of the most influential for segregation at that time
Jerry Levias
-1st African American to play in the southwest conference- at SMU in 1956
-teammates accepted him as a player but not as a person
-“Kindness kills, rely on your faith and everything will work itself out”
In 1970 Coach Bear Bryant:
Head coach at Alabama integrated football.
Alabama Vs. USC
Game that integrated college football
John McKay
Coach at USC during this time
Sam Cunningham:
Player at USC under John McKay who help lead the team to defeat Alabama. Convinced Bear Bryant that football should become integrated in the South
Hayden Fry:
Coach at SMU promised he could recruit a black football player. Wanted to recruit not only a good athlete but good student. Recruited Jerry Levias who had a very successful career at SMU
March 26 1989 OU:
was struggling with many crimes (rape,shooting and drugs) Berry Switzer was eventually fired
OU Charles Thompson:
accused of selling drugs to an undercover cop (became cover of sports illustrated in jail suit and hand cuffs)
OU Jerry Parks:
shot his teammate Zarak Peters (who survived)
3 OU football players:
accused of raping a woman from OKC
Jameis Winston
was accused of rapping a girl at the University of Florida State. Case was handled very poorly
Laurence Phillips:
Two time national champion at the University of Nebraska
-drug his girlfriend down a flight of stairs didn’t get removed from the team till after winning a title.
-assualted again in the NFL and killed his cell mate in jail.
Christian Peters
accused of abusing 4 women while playing at Nebraska
Kathy Redmond
rape victim who started (NCAVA) National Coalition Against Violent Athletes
1989 Crime Policy:
created after Berry Switzer time at OU. Any student-athlete charged with crime will not participate on an athletics team while the charges are pending. Basically suspended to the team but can keep their scholarship.
-goes against “innocent until proven guilty”