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A Personal Story

In my essay I am going to share a personal story with you that will tell you how I had to face hardships in order to pursue my studies. It’s all basically related to my education. So my story starts off from the time when …

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My Passion for Reading and its Contribution to My Personal Growth

My passion for extensive and penetrative reading has unequivocally confirmed the truth of a statement once made by the 18th century French Philosopher, Dennis Digerot, “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.” My soul, not merely my intellect, has indeed been …

PassionPersonal Growth
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Personal Statement Persuasive Essay

My life has been full of wonderful experiences, which have led to my personal growth and development. Many of the activities I have engaged in are extremely important to me and have influenced me in positive ways, however, one that stands out in my mind …

Personal Statement
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Personal Statement Critical Analysis

The world is globalized and competition has raised its level to the greatest extent. This issue makes the producers and the employers to think for themselves only. This high completion has made people very selfish and cruel towards people. Ethics has no importance in the …

Personal Statement
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Analyze the Personal Statement Essay

My firm decision in pursuing a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning has been molded by my experiences and enhanced by my earned skills and knowledge in diverse fields. Above all, my dream to be in the field of housing has been inspired by my …

Personal StatementPovertySociology
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Entails personal statements

If ever I will be accepted in the program and will be able to finish it, immediately after I graduate I will apply for the position of Hospital Administrator. Eventually, I would want to become a CEO. The program will provide me appropriate knowledge to …

HospitalMedicinePersonal Statement
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Admission Personal Statement Essay

Care is supreme to the survival of all life on earth. In the attitude of care, understanding and useful therapy any individual including adults with Parkinsonism and speech defects, children with autism, cerebral palsy and similar speech impairments can survive; they can live to impact …

AdmissionsPersonal Statement
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Personal Statement for School of Allied Medical Professions

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in working as a healthcare professional.  Like most children, I was at first interested in the glamour of being a doctor, maybe a surgeon, and saving a person’s life each and every time I …

Personal StatementSchool
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My Motivation To Continue Of Education

My family had the good fortune to reside in the US from the 1970’s, when my parents migrated from Armenia. They were unable to attend college, as they had to work very hard, in order to support the family. This shortcoming in their life made …

MoralityPersonal StatementTruth
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A Personal Practical Theory

Trends in education have grown through the years, technology advances as well as principles and theories were developed for education to cope with the changing world. There have been criticisms about the teachers’ apparent lack of understanding of what is really happening in their own …

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Antisocial personality disorder: therapy/treatment paper

According to Hare and Hart (2005) Antisocial personality disorder is one of the mental disorders which constitute a large segment of mental disorder patents. This disorder begins right from childhood and continues through adolescent to adulthood.  The main feature of the disorder as outlined by …

PersonalityPersonality DisorderTherapy
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America in the 60’s: A Personal Account of a Hippie

The sixties was a tumultuous decade.  America went into a war that has lost the support and commitment of the American people.  My interviewee was a college student then and he claimed that he had learned more in the streets than in the four walls …

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How do you write a personal essay?
How to Write your personal essay: 1. Attention is key, but don't be irritable 2. In a personal essay, keep it "personal". 3. Do not try to guess what the reader is looking for. 4. You are allowed to be creative and funny, but not too much. 5. Let us know what you don't yet know. 6. Ask for input, but not too much.
What should I write my personal essay about?
What are topics for personal essays? 1. How did you meet the special person? 2. The person you most admire. 3. This is the best area in the region. 4. The place you want to call home for the rest of your life. 5. Works of art that inspire you. 6. Your dream job. 7. Your biggest disappointment. 8. Books that left a lasting impression.
What are 5 elements of a personal essay?
It is written in the first person ("I"): 1. A narrow, well-defined focus. Personal stories are narrowly focused and well-defined. 2. Description of the characters 3. Solid introduction. 4 Interesting details. 5. Logical sequence. 6. Correct conclusion.
How do you identify a personal essay?
Personal essays are informal and have a casual tone. This essay is written in the first person. Writers use honesty, truth, and self-disclosure. Writers can write about any topic or personal experience.

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