Essay Plans: Stages and Characteristics of Plans Writing

Essay writing process starts with creating an effective essay plan helping you to organize your thoughts in a proper way. In order to make a perfect essay plan it is necessary to consider the aspects disclosed in the article.

Stages in Essay Plan Creation

The role of essay plans can be identified through their contribution to paper structuring. This part of writing process is characterized by student’s use of key words and phrases disclosing the main ideas of the essay in a concise form. It is necessary to underline certain stages helping any students to organize a perfect essay plan.

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  • Read the topic under analysis carefully and emphasize the type of writing work you are to present (research, summary, review, criticism);
  • Develop the key approach helping you to cope with the essay writing task;
  • Try to organize your key ideas logically and list all of them in the essay plan, starting with the central point;
  • Make sure to address developed approach through the ideas disclosed in the paper;
  • The essay plan ideas are to be shown through key phrases and serve as guideline for the readers. The plan should give an opportunity to follow writer’s flow of thoughts which is logically presented;
  • Essay plans should demonstrate that writer understands of the analyzed topic. It is necessary to mention the key methods and techniques used for topic analysis.

It is necessary to underline the fact that essay writing should be based on certain writing strategies, and essay plan creation is one of them. It gives an opportunity to present writer’s general vision of the topic to the readers. Try to shape your ideas by creative a simple primitive plan and gradually developing into a complex one.