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Essay On What Role Does Music Play In Your Life

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It is very important to become aware of the strength that music plays its role towards people and how effective it could be mentally to live lives. listed the three articles that were posted back in Journal three and I really felt that those articles can be related to my own experiences when I think about how music plays its role in daily lives. So, one way music influences my life is that it helps me to process the emotions I'm feeling. I'll often play a certain song that reflects the mood I'm in. It's a way of acknowledging what I'm going through and even identifying the pattern of events that led up to feeling that way. Some songs when I listen to them, I know exactly why I chose to listen to them.

In this sense, music is a way of tuning into and making sense of my emotional life. Another take on this is that music is a vehicle for authenticity. I liked how the author of “Music as an Education-Related Service to Promote Learning and Skills Acquisition” emphasizes on the effectiveness of the role that music blends into people’s lives. It is a way to live by and helps people learn from the music to adjust to the lyrics and styles of genres that they are inspired by. To some people, they may judge but music does play a major role to people. You listen and engage to what fits your own personality. Also, a lot of music you don't deliberately pursue but accidentally run into, and something attracts you. You connect to something of you in the music. Also, the music that I listen to allows myself and other people to find out their innings of themselves. Music is important to us because for a lot of people it expresses the emotions that we find too hard to express, or we are unable to express. Music is like a bucket of roses, it gives us that relaxing mood, differs a new scent in our space, Also, for most people it is a tool to help with their interactive social skills in reality.

Music isn't just a bunch of melodies and words and instruments strung together. It's an art that makes every day easier to live. I find music is important to us and our life because it does such a good job at understanding everyone. There are so many different styles that it's near impossible to not find one that doesn't relate to you and your situation. There doesn't need to be words in music to make it touch your heart. But the songs that do have lyrics can make you see in such a different way.

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In conclusion, music influences society in a way that it can bring people together, and be a way of expressing emotions among people when we don’t quite know how to say it ourselves. music can bring out the best and worst of people, and can change a lot of things. some people say dark music influences some people to become cold people themselves. In my personal lifestyle, I like to listen to a lot of rock music. It really increases my mood and pumps me up at times. I try to ignore what others think it. The people that I encountered with in the past looked at this type of genre as a dark, emotional, and crazy type of music. Obviously, they do not listen to other types of rock music, so they look at me a little differet. This is the type of music I listen to, so this is the only music stereotype these kinds of images, but every genre has their own images that people tend to think of. Either way, music influences people by using lyrics they can relate to.

Crappell, Courtney. “Making Music Lessons Attractive Again.” American Music Teacher, 1 Dec. 2013. This article touches on how professionals in scholastic facilities and outside of schools can find ways to make music lessons attractive once again to students and other that are highly into music. It focuses on what the students are facing when it comes to comprehending lesson plans to make music. I think that the author is trying to convey the reader that it is not a easy obstacle to making music. Music students have to do a lot of studying, practice notes, cues, etc to be better musicians. It is a very possible mission, but how much time will people put into the lessons on how to make music.

Heydari, Hassan. “Analyzing the Relationship Between Sensation Seeking and Preference of Type of Music in College Students.” ScienceDirect, Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences, 3 Aug. 2013.

In this article, the reactive Sensation composed numerous interviews of college students from different schools to analyze different preferences of music between both women and men. It was surprising to see the results on how those with high sensation tend to have more excitability than the lower level sensation students. What I thought about this article was the curiousness to see how much different prefer other kinds of music than those that look at other music to be considered 'different', 'weird', or, 'unique'.

Azizinezhad, Masoud. “Music as an Education-Related Service to Promote Learning and Skills Acquisition.” ScienceDirect, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 13 Nov. 2013.

This article focuses on how the effectiveness of music playing a role on daily lives of people. Music can be essential to many people especially the youth when it comes to their perceptual, language, interactive skills, intellectual development, and etc. Music is a strong essential to a life in their daily active engagement to better shape lifestyles. I thought music does play a huge role to many people. It can be a tool, cure, and remedy to help mentally, and the way they live. Without music, it would be totally different on the results what people have to live with.

Here is a link on Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. I really liked the intensity, and call and response from the musicians as they're playing along. I just thought the whole scenery was very exciting to the audience.

Essay On What Role Does Music Play In Your Life essay

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