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Essay On Jit System

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In the case of Anderson Machining Service Inc I believe that it should stick with the JIT system as it increased the productivity of the company. Since it started using it the company became more flexible. Looking at American Leather it becomes apparent that it experience huge success by converting from the manual system to the JIT system. There was a significant decrease in the work in process and the inventory. In example 3 we can see that Freightliner LLC was in a very bad state before it got recommended to use the JIT system and after doing so it progressed beyond its expectation.

Hence, it would be justified to say that Freightliner LLC should continue the usage of JIT system. Now if we look at Dell it deals with products that become out dated if they are kept in store, so using the JIT system is ideal for them. If we see McDonalds its traditional way of cooking the food before wasn’t attracting the customer as they didn’t enjoy eating already made food or the company because the leftover burger were trashed accelerating cost for the company. So the just in time inventory system was the answer to their problems.And because of this the company increased it service drastically.


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Essay On Jit System

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