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Essay on Climate Change

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Climate is the average condition of temperature, amount of water vapor in air that is humidity and rainfall that has persisted over years and centuries and millenniums. Does climate ever change? Yes! It had changed! Earth, when newly made, was hot and red! Eventually it cooled and biological life started. Then Ice age eclipsed whole of the Earth, with chilled winds blowing all over the place. Gradually, the climate again changed to normal. Then the question arises, “What is actually normal temperature? ” It might be the range of level of mercury in which life can persist.

The climate, therefore, has changed, starting from hot to normal to cold and then it began reversing to normal and then what? What is going to be the next? Are we moving to the starting? The Earth may get that hot again. As we are seeing, these days, the issue of Global warming, green house effect is becoming the primary talk.

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But which force is changing the climate? The earlier stages of climate change were supposed to be caused by natural phenomena such as meteor strike, volcanoes, air currents and many others.

But presently, what is causing climate change? None of the natural effects is taking place. But still, the temperature is rising, the Ice at the poles is melting, carbon dioxide levels are increasing and the ozone layer is being damaged. These all disasters are taking place due only one parasite, the HUMAN RACE. Humans are setting up industries, power plants, using excess of air conditioners, burning fossil fuels and flourishing cities just for the sake of the rise of temperature and increase of toxins in the air.

A person driving a car, relaxing in the cool air of ACs and listening to the radio does not realize that he is emitting thirty seven grams of highly toxic carbon monoxide every four kilometers and amounts of sulfur dioxide. A youngster spending time on social networking on a computer doesn’t realize that he is emitting two hundred fifty kilograms of Carbon dioxide every year. These all will invite doom. Sulfur dioxide will combine with clouds and sulfuric acid would rain. The reaction of sulfuric acid with life would turn the latter into pillars of carbon. Due to rise in temperature, our lakes and seas would evaporate.

Our monuments would fall. To prevent ourselves from doom, we should use everything sustainably. Now, what is sustainability? It means the use of resources judiciously so that they sustain for the generations to come. Let’s map a dream city that is sustainable and comfortable. The main issue that is swallowing most of the natural resources and emitting a huge amount of heat and harmful gases is the production of electricity from power plants. These days, most of the electricity for domestic and industrial use is being created from the combustion of coal. Coal is a fossil fuel and may end up soon if used in excess.

Besides when burnt, it gives out many poisonous fumes including oxides of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon monoxide. It also gives out CO2, a greenhouse gas. We can use nuclear energy to reduce the emissions of poisonous fumes but may not be able to reduce CO2 content. The other options that arise are solar and wind energy, but they are a diffused source and not permanent. Hydroelectric energy and tidal energy is also getting famous and are also good alternatives. Then arises the second most alarming issue, that is, pollution by automobiles. Petroleum is quite polluting and limited fossil fuels.

One good alternative of this may be hydrogen. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant element on Earth and the fuel with one of the highest caloforic value. But it may seem bulky plus it is highly explosive. CNG and LPG are also good fuels but are also a part of fossil fuels. Third issue is the increase in usage of non – biodegrable materials such as plastics and synthetic fibres. Currently, usage of paper bags and jute bags is suggested to be the best. The last prominent issue is the scarcity of water. Water is being used in excess and soon potable water may perish.

Good options are usage of special toilets designed to use less water in flush and usage of renewed water. So, my dream city would be like this: Everyone use electrical equipment judiciously. Electricity would be produced from Solar, Wind, and Tidal & Hydroelectric energy. Everyone would use jute and paper bags and won’t do unnecessary shopping. Every bit of paper would be recycled. Cars would run on hydrogen, battery and car pool would persist. Cycles would be preferred more. Toilets would use less water and no tap would be kept open unnecessarily. Luxurious, Global warming free, green and sustainable, a dream city would be…..

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