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English thematic essay

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During a celebration Cassia begins to drink Sago uses the situation to his diva mintage. He begins to use subtle actions to get Cassia progressively drunk, for example he sings to excite Cassia and make him gullible and he says subtle things in his song like "Drink ho! " in Act II Scene Ill. This provokes Cassia to drink more and because of hubris when he is called drunk he denies the statement, becomes enraged, and attacks Ordering and Montana no.

Othello hears the commotion and asks what happened, Sago pretends like he doesn't want t o betray Cassia and "accidentally" gives up Cassias name when he says, "l had rather have this t unguent cut from my mouth then should it do offence to Michael Cassia. " By saying this, his owe n reputation is still intact and actually seems more noble for what he said, Othello responds by saying "Thy honesty and love doth mince this matter, making light to Cassia. Cassia love thee but nevermore and officer Of mine. TO Othello it appears that his lieutenant had a drinking problem and his actions caused him to lose respect for Cassia, but in reality I ago had manipulated Cassia in order to get him fired. After Cassia had been fired his reputation had been tainted. He felt that his re tuition was who he was, it meant everything to Cassia and it had been taken away from him. H e feels too ashamed to face Othello but wants to be reinstated knowing this Sago tells hi m "My wife must move for Cassia to her mistress I'll set her on.

Myself the while to draw the m or apart. " He was basically saying for Cassia to go speak with Desman about his job and he would got Desman alone to speak to. While Cassia is speaking with Desman, lag o and Othello are walking together so Sago brings Othello to where Cassia and Desman are and when Cassia see's Othello he runs away. Sago then says "Ha! I like not that! "Len act Ill scene II As to say that Cassia had been caught, Sago had manipulated the appearance in order t o cause Othello to become suspicious of Desman and Cassia.

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After this in act IV scene I Sago then further causes Othello to be suspicious when he told Othello he heard Cassia crying o UT Adhesion's name in his dream and after he sees Cassia heading in their direction he tells Othello to hide in some nearby bushes. Cassia and Sago begin to have a conversation about Bib NCAA but Sago mentions Desman to make Othello think it was about Desman. Othello o becomes enraged after this because Cassia says "I marry her? What a customer? " To To hello it had appeared that Cassia had been with Desman and even called her a custom mere (prostitute) but in reality Cassia was speaking of Bianca.

Society has an extensive amount of expectations for people, in this case have Eng people defined by their reputation (appearance) in there feat to be civil and gain rep taxation they ironically become savage and are ignorant to that fact. They are also ignorant to the fact that it changes them and they become the person that there reputation describes w ICC is not always who they really are and for the people that have their true feelings (the reality of how the feel) concealed and lost by reputation, once that is lost they have nothing left.

Once e their reputation is destroyed they begin to question whether they are civilized or savage, this is demonstrated after Cassia loses his position and says "Reputation, reputation, reputation O, ha eve lost my reputation! Have lost the immortal part of myself and what remains is beastie Othello has developed a good deal around the themes of civility vs.. Savagery and appearance v. S reality.

When he is first introduced Othello is very calm and co Elected but as you go further into the play the themes influence him to do certain things for ex. ample the reason why Cassia, Othello very close friend who introduced him to Desman, was PU noshed so severely was because Othello is insecure about himself being a savage which is why he became a general because people would be forced to respect his authority and reputation, but what good is his authority if his close friend and second in command was a drunken idiot.

Also when Othello was tricked into believing that Desman was having an affair with Cassia, he ha become incredibly enraged at one point having an epilepsy due to anger as stated to C assai by Sago "No, forbear. The lethargy must have his quiet course, if not he foams at the mouth h, and by, and by, breaks out to savage madness". Basically he was telling Cassia Othello needs t mime to cool down or he'll turn savage. Also compared to how Othello treated Desman with c are, calling her his sweet.

Though in act IV scene I she is treated very much different for example e after Desman says 'h,'Vhf sweet Othello? " He strikes her and calls her "Devil". The reasons why I feel appearance v. Reality is such an important theme in O Othello is because Sago uses the appearance and people reputation and uses it to main palate them as he us BTL does when he gets Cassia to drink more and more leading up to a fight then using that to get Cassia fired.

It is also used when Sago starts getting Othello suspicious of Cassia when Cassia has pure intentions. It also especially affects the lives of all the people at that time because reputation meant everything to them, it defined who they were, soma e examples include Cassia saying "Once reputation is lost what remains is beastie" and Othello chi sing to fire Cassia because he needed his reputation to stay undamaged to keep people from 10 Going down on him like he was a savage.

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