English 103 Final

Fast Entertainment and Multitasking In An Always-On World
Craig Watkins

This essay discusses the modern evolution of entertainment and its deliverance in “bite-sizes” People are consuming more information in smaller portions due to the desire for fast entertainment. Watkins also discusses how today’s generation depends so much on media on a daily basis that they are constantly multitasking.

Students Addicted to Social Media
International Center for Media and the Public Agenda

Study of about 200 students at Maryland University. Displayed how symptoms of going without digital devices are similar to drug addiction. Students found it very difficult and felt disconnected from family and friends. Also they missed out on news stories because they usually hear about it though social media

If We’re All So Sick of You, Facebook, Why Can’t We Quit You?
Simon Dumenco

Although the number of Facebook users may be lessening, the number of mobile users is going way up and so is revenue from ads and usage. Also Facebook stalks its users through email to keep them from abandoning it completely. The death of Facebook is being highly exaggerated. Basically Simon Dumenco is arguing that the end is not near for Facebook despite hat critics like to claim.

Implications of User Choice: The Cultural Logic of ‘MySpace or Facebook’
Danah Boyd

The differential adoptions of Facebook and MySpace by teens in America. Facebook spread from Harvard, through ivy leagues and colleges. MySpace introduced from urban background. Danah Boyd argues that social networks and digital choices reflect and enforce existing social divisions. MySpace users are “ghetto” and from a lower socioeconomic background.

In the Digital Age, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Salvador Rodriguez

He argues that when broke up with his fiance and deleted her from social medias, she was still everywhere. He argues that social networks have taken away some of the controls that we have on our lives and erasing a memory or individual is not as easy as pressing the delete button because they pop up everywhere.

Straddling Online and Offline Profiles, Millennials Search for Identity
Rachel Lowry

Millennials are suffering from an identity crisis, as they search for their authentic self. In the digital age, they are creating identities to market themselves professionally (LinkedIn) as well as socially. Online profiles only display the best and sometimes unauthentic moments. Also, there is the issue of future job prospects in relation to their identities because employers now a days are going through online profiles of future employees and base judgement based off the online presentations.

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Toward a Unified Theory of How the Internet Makes Everything Terrible
Richard Rushfield

In search of community the world will overexpose entertainment such as a new episode of a show like breaking bad or a movie. The originality of works no longer exists if they are popular because people use social media to create a frenzy.

Everything is ‘Trolling’ Now
Daniel D’Addario

Trolling is originally defined as entering a space of a certain ideology and expressing an opinion they don’t believe just to get a reaction. People have now come to use the word “troll” as it made me angry on the internet. The word troll has evolved in he context of the internet.

Convergence Culure
Henry Jenkins

Convergence culture is where old and new media collide.

Celebrating Inequality
George Packer

Celebrity’s seem to be worshiped during tough times. Today a celebrity evolves into a persona, then a brand, then an empire. Institution are being replaced by celebrities. People admire them due to their stories. For example, Jay Z’s background as a crack dealer to becoming such a dominant musician and entrepreneur is celebrated and idolized. America is reverting back to the jazz age which idolizes celebrities ho selfishly invest in their own institutions rather than public institutions.

The Lone Ranger Seals It: America’s New Favorite Villain is a Rich White Guy
Noah Glittel

In Lone Ranger, although Native Americans are depicted stereotypically, they are finally being depicted as the victims. They have always been depicted as “faceless savages whose efforts to defend themselves were merely obstacles to America’s Manifest Destiny.

Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes
Aaron Devor

People use femininity or masculinity to claim and communicate their membership in their assigned or chosen sex or gender. Masculinity is characterized by aggression and dominance while femininity is characterized by passivity and submission. The differences are not biological or physical, but cultural. If you do an activity meant for the other gender, you are either ridiculed or overly praised. Body posture, speech, dress,

The Gender Blur: Where Does Biology End and Society Take Over
Deborah Blum

Biology has a alot to do with gender difference. While biology can be manipulated by each persons environment, it is generally true that males are more aggressive than females due to biology. For example, the crime rates that include gun use are much higher among men than women.

Only Daugher
Sandra Cisneros

Raised in a Mexican family of six, Sandra’s father viewed her destiny as somebody’s future wife. Even when she expressed that she wanted to go to college, her father agreed because he thought it would be good means for her to find a husband. When she did not pursue a husband in college, her father said that she wasted all that education. Her whole college career she wanted his approval. He would always boast I have seven sons and Sandra felt herself being erased. Finally he reads a word by her that was translated to Spanish and he wanted more copies for the rest of the family.

Woman Hollering Creek
Sandra Cisneros

Cleofilas grew up in a family of all boys and mother. Telenovelas were her way of getting in touch with her femininity and the exaggerated love stories made her think that it was reality. She begins to picture a life for herself filled with the passionate love characterized by “you or no one”. However when she gets married in an isolated town in Texas and travels from Mexico, the reality of her life could not be any further from her illusions. By her second pregnancy, her husband beats her on a regular basis and they are very poor. The woman hollering creek had a bad connotation to it and Cleofilas believed it was called that because a woman drowned her children there. The misfortune of her life drives her to go there all the time with her son, signifying her consideration for suicide. She is trapped. Cant go home because family embarrassment and she has no way to get home. Felice changes the meaning of the creek and helps her run away. Felice is an independent woman that is the opposite of telenovelas, relies on herself and is happier than Cleofilas has ever been.

The Thing Around Your Neck
Chimamada Adichie

In America, she is near-raped by her “uncle.” She goes off on her own and works below minimum wage and studies at the library. She has a relationship with a rich, privileged white boy who she suspects like her because she is black, not because she is who she is. She does not write her family because she is ashamed. Throughout the whole time, her father passes and she does not know, causing her to feel guilty. The think around her neck is Nigeria and her roots. When she was with the white boy, it was loosening, but the death of her father brings her back.

Liberal Education & the Republic of Imagination
Azar Nafisi
This Is Water
Foster Wallace
The Shock of Education: How College Corrupts
Alfred Lubano

The transition to college or university can be straining on the relationships of parents who have had a different experience and can cause disconnect. Lubano discusses his experience as the son of a bricklayer and how he avoided speaking to his family about his academics. School life exists on a different plane compared to his home life. This is the case for many students. He discusses the reality of the unequal opportunity presented to kids of lower class homes who are deprived of an involved support system.

Devious Maids Skewers the One Percent
Willa Paskin

Devious Maids is a show about the working class and five Latina maids of Beverly Hills rich people. The show paints the rich characters as bitches, yet encourages to aspire to be them through the characters of the maids. Paints a false depiction of the reality of the working class and that not everyone overcomes it and most are stuck in that lifestyle for all their lives.

Against Antiheroes
Laura Bennett

The word “antihero” has come to represent a broad and redundant genre or character that is a maniac and has dark attributes. She despises the word because people are quick to categorize everything under it rather than giving works their own meaning or originality.

No Sympathy for the Devil
Heather Havrilesky

This essay focuses on TV shows with dark plots and the different presentations of antiheroes. Heather Havrilesky argues that the audience loses interest in the shows where the antiheros decisions do not make any sense and are ethically wrong and redundant. She uses Breaking Bad as an example of a successful plot of this nature because Walter’s ultimate goal is emotional and for the well-being of his family, making all his actions excusable. The character succeeds in keeping the audience on his side and rooting for him. This plays into human nature and how we reflect ourselves in the characters.

Movie “Her”
Theodore falls in love with a digital “woman” The film metaphorically describes how attached we are to technology and how unhealthy it is.
Miu Miu= Somebody
A real app that allows you to confront someone through a third party in the area. We already do this without the app. A third party is common in our communications and relations with other people.
Lead Ins for Intro
Description for emotional appeal: “With black eyes and bruised back, Tammy is not a victim of war but America’s hidden crime: child abuse.

Personal Experience

Conclusion DON’TS
dont start conclusion with new information
change stance
“In conclusion”
Conclusion DO
statement of the importance of the essay’s broader implications
A warning based on thesis
Forecast based on essay’s thesis
Cracked Podcast: Why Pop Culture Hates Poor People
In shows, “poor” people are depicted as upper middle class. There is a large difference between the reality of the lower class and the depiction in television. For example, New Girl is supposed to be about poor people yet they live in an amazing house in LA that is not achievable in reality with a minimum wage job. When poverty is depicted, it’s a means to overcome the obstacle rather that life-long existence. Winter’s Bone with Jennifer Lawrence is accurate.
Waves of Feminism
Late 19th century, early 20th century
-focus was political rights and the right to vote. 1848, Senic of Falls Convention. Suffrage Movement

60s, 70s, 80s.
-focused on social rights, reproductive rights, women working outside home
-equal pay act in 63
-Gloria Steinem did expose on Playboy

-focus on body, sexuality, and gender

Consider the Lobster by Foster Wallace
Covered a lobster festival for a gourmet magazine talking arguing for the ethical rights of lobsters. He likes to make the audience uncomfortable.
Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.
Cesar Cruz
This American Life: Three Miles
Fieldston and univerity Heights are 3 mile apart yet have tremendous differences. Private school kids are much more privilaged. Fieldston did not even have a library.