Engl102: Elements of the Essay

A thesis should be –
A debatable, interpretive claim.
A thesis should be –
Open to complexity.
An effective conclusion might focus on any of the following except –
A summary of the essay up to the point of the conclusion.
Choose the term that best describes the following claim: “Emily Dickinson’s poetry fails to make its point because it is too elliptical an obscure to reach reader’s.”
Evaluative Claim
Each body paragraph should develop a specific claim that is clearly stated in –
A topic sentence.
How long should a these generally be?
One to three sentences.
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How should you format the title of a journal?
In Italics.
How should you format the title of a play?
In Italics.
How should you format the title of a short story?
In quotation marks.
How should you format the title of a sonnet?
In quotation marks.
In what order should body paragraphs be presented?
In any logical sequence that supports the essay’s argument.
In what tense should you refer to actions that occur within, or that are performed by, a work of literature?
Present Tense
When referring to fictional characters, use –
The same conventions employed by the literary work.
When should you provide evidence in the form of quotations from the literary text?
When the text’s wording is significant.
When writing an essay about literature, you should assume your audience consists of –
Readers with some background in literature, but not familiar with all the details of the text you’re writing about.
When writing an essay about the poet Emily Dickinson, you should refer to her as –
“Emily Dickinson” on the first reference and “Dickinson” thereafter.
Which of the following best describes how specific facts become evidence in an essay?
Through active interpretation.
Which of the following is not necessarily something a good introduction does?
It honest acknowledges the writer’s personal investment in the text.
Which of the following is true regarding the placement of an essay’s thesis?
It should appear somewhere near the end of the introduction.
Which term best describes the following claim: “In ‘Anglosaxon Street’, Earle Birney adapts the form of early Anglo-Saxon poetry to modern English in order to explore the ways that Anglo-Saxon cultural imperialism continues in the modern world.”
Interpretive Claim.