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Emilee Longo Resume

Instructor or Administrator.I provide client services to the children’s parents addressing various needs and concerns.I follow-up with the client (parents) on all instances that occur and document them accordingly via data entry through the use of the company system.

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Handle the communications of the company on occasion in the role of a Telephone Representative and handled many calls on the days I was on phone duty. Personal Care Representative / Nursing Assistant February 2003 to July 2006

King Nursing Home – King, WI provided in-home personal care services to clients I was assigned by management. I addressed my clients needs and provided speedy acceptable resolutions. I documented all instances and correspondences via data entry through company system. I assisted special needs clients that could not take care certain functions on there own. Answered several phone providing resolutions for there needs while followed up with other calls that took additional details and investigation.

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