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Elegy for My Father’s Father

look at rhyme scheme for end line rhyme always a good place to start. there is not always end line punctuation giving it a conversational tone and seemingly being spoken to the reader. the title hints at the mournful tone baxter embodies being called elegy its about his grandfather if you didnt pick that up either.

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. he lived 80 years and never spoke his true feelings. gives the image that he is silent and strong and perhaps never found true love. nchanging cairn – remembered after death that pipes could set ablaze refers to his grandfathers Scottish heritage and that bag pipes were played at the funeral. may show a link to the narrators strong sense of pride and belonging in his heritage. the aaronsrod was used by the romans to make funeral torches from his bitter veins born refers to his family at the funeral high as the head of a man refers to his strength and want to create possibly his job as a builder. ld and blind shows he went blind and he lost his sense of belonging in the world so sat by the kitchen fire. through the burning glass of his mind shows his analytical approach to life. sober knew the green. probably a drunk. pride of his heart was dumb – silenced. never truly loved his wife – ” in song or bridal bed ” never admitted his love. the tongues of water spoke – ” he was free in death ” ferry to underwold. his heart was unafraid. he was ready to die. then do the language features and all and link to themes

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