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Effectively or affectively?

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The difference between effective and affective is hidden in the nouns “effect” and “affect” which build up these adverbs. “Effectively” means doing something that leads to the desired result. “Affectively” denotes the state which is caused by emotions or feelings.

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on Effectively or affectively?

When to use effect vs affect?

Affect vs Effect. Most generally, affect is used as a verb and effect is used as a noun. When something “affects” something, it produces an “effect” on it. In some situations “effect” is also used as a verb while “affect” is applied as a noun.

What is the difference between 'effected' and 'affected'?

Affected vs. Effected Generally, effect is used as noun and affect is used as verb, although in different situations they both can be used both as noun and verb. Affect means to have an impact, influence or to make a difference, on the other hand, effect as a verb means to bring about or to cause something to happen.

Is it affective or effective?

Affective describes something that has been influenced by emotions, is a result of emotions, or expresses emotion. Effective describes something that produces a desired result. Effective comes from the noun effect, which means result.

How to use affect and effect?

Using Affect in a Sentence. When to use affect: Affect is a verb that means to enact a change or to cause a result.Using Effect in a Sentence. When to use effect: Effect is a noun that means the result of something.Remembering Affect vs. Effect. One way to help you remember the difference between these two words is to use their spelling.Outside Examples. Despite the improved nationwide retail sales, U.S. stock indexes finished close to where they started Tuesday as tech companies and household goods makers rose.Quiz: Effect vs. Affect. Instructions: Fill in the blank with the correct word, either effect or affect in the correct form.Article Summary. Should I use affect or effect? These words sound similar and have related definitions.

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