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The Effect of Social Networking

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The Effect of Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc) For Children http://newstodaynews. com/the-effect-of-social-networking-facebook-twitter-myspace-etc-for-children/12286 Not a few teachers who are disappointed to see the students using the “chat language” as it is commonly used in social networking chat facilities, such as 2mor, msg, lol, and bk, while in English grammar lessons (English grammar).

This study clearly indicates that students from various levels, from upper class to lower class, they spend more stout in social media This is a direct indication of their value on average poor and often failed to complete their homework on time. the quality of children’s homework is deteriorate because they hurry to finish. http://networkconference. netstudies. rg/2010/04/a-social-society-the-positive-effects-of-communicating-through-social-networking-sites/ By communicating online, it allows people to see past physical differences and focus on a deeper connection, discovering similarities that may have been previously disregarded. By forming groups of people with similar interests (particularly if the interest or hobby is not mainstream), social networking sites can create a sense of unity and belonging in people who might have previously felt alienated in society because of an inability to relate to local people.

Many people form support groups through social networking sites to discover and communicate with others who have similar problems or health issues. With online social networking reducing difficulties with limited mobility, time and distance barriers and unacceptance due to stereotyping, people therefore have more access to support and the ability to improve communication with others despite illness or disability.

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The Effect of Social Networking

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Many educational institutions encourage learning via the Internet and social networking sites because it allows an easy communication channel for students to learn and share skills. Students enjoy educational opportunities where lesson topics, research, creative ideas, and interactive discussions are at their fingertips Through online social networking, companies are better able to advertise to specific markets or discover, monitor and engage with loyal brand advocates. Conversely, they can also “discover disgruntled customers and realise their concerns

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