EDUC 350 Quizzes for Mid-term

Which instructional software function would probably be the most appropriate choice for allowing students to discover rules for genetics?
Drill and Practice
Which software function could help students memorize the correct names of chemical elements?
A driver teacher might use this kind of software to let students “practice” driving before actually getting in the car.
Simple Videos
Which of the following is not a type of feedback typically used by drill and practice programs in response to student input?
Tutorials and Drills
These two kinds of software are designed primarily for use by individuals rather than by groups of students.
Open Source
What is the general term for software whose source code is made available for free and permits users to use, change, and improve it?
Word Processing
Which of the software tools in the “basic suite” would be helpful for preparing flyers and newsletters?
These tools take over the task of doing arithmetic functions so that the students can focus on higher level mathematics concepts.
Welcome Letter
This would be an example of a word processing template that a teacher might keep on hand to update and reuse each year.
Spreadsheet Program
This software would be useful to illustrate a numerical concept such as the difference between electoral votes and popular votes.
Web Page Editors
Which of the following software tools can be used to design web-based lessons?
Test Generator
Which kind of software tool would a teacher choose in order to develop a test item bank?
In a student database, this is the term for all the data elements related to one student.
Online Survey Tool
If a social studies teacher wanted to poll students anonymously about their opinions on a local issue, she might use this tool to gather their data.
Student Information Systems
These software tools allow parents online access to their child’s grades and attendance information from any location, including home.
This kind of software can prevent students from accessing certain sites, and can also block attempts by others to gain access to their computers.
As a rule, it is better to avoid this in online communications, because it can be misinterpreted.
In the following URL, what is the domain designator?
QR codes
Which of the following is an item one can use to navigate the web?
Web 2.0
This is a general name for online resources that allow people to contribute their own content, rather than just use content submitted by others.
Twitter is a popular example of which online tool?
This is a format usually used for drawn images, illustrations, clip arts, or animations that are displayed online.
This model of distance learning uses various combinations of web-based and face-to-face meetings.
Instruction for which all students “meet” with the instructor by video at a designated time of day would be an example of this kind of distance course.
Have more self-motivation
Which of the following has research shown to be a characteristic of more successful distance learners?
5-8 minutes
What have teachers found to be an optimal length for an instructional video used in distance models such as the flipped classroom
Digital Footprints
This is the term for a trail that people leave behind as a result of their social media interactions.
Video Editing Software
Which kind of software is required to edit a movie from filmed video footage?
Virtual Field Trips
A teacher who has art students “visit” an art museum in another country is using this Internet integration strategy.
Electronic Publishing
When students submit their written or artistic products to a website, the activity is called this.
Electronic Mentoring
If a teacher has her students link up with local writers to critique the students’ stories and email them feedback before their work is finalized and posted online, it is an example of this kind of web-based integration strategy.
Problem-based Learning
This popular focus for online lessons has long been recognized as a way to help students develop higher-order thinking skills.
Interactive online model with synchronous event
A required resource as as Adobe Connect, GotoMeeting, or Elluminate.
Unusually High Dropout Rates
What is one of the often recognized outcomes of a MOOC model?
Online Honor Codes
A strategy often used in online courses to ensure academic integrity?
Proving learner lounges and discussion groups can help assure which of the following kinds of interaction?
Asking online students to post a personal photo is one way to encourage this kind of interaction.
Small-group Work
Webquests, research projects, and presentation projects are all ways of accomplish this in online courses.
Use tools to monitor progress
“Best practice” for teaching online programs
Increase emphasis on quality control
Current trend taking place in regard to virtual schools?
Graduation rates are lower in virtual schools
Recent studies of virtual school performance compared with traditional school performance have shown this.
Immersive Practice and Exploration
Although not yet a common practice in K-12 classrooms, there has been recent interest in this kind of integration strategy for virtual environments.
New Literacies
This theory currently guides English and language arts instruction and describes an even-shifting definition of what is meant to be literate.
Pinterest is an example of which kind of the following tools, used to collect and organize Internet-based information from boards into their account.
This resource enables one popular strategy to foster reading and writing skills, since the students can increase their comprehension by making notes and comments directly on what they read.
Comprehension was less with digital texts
Researchers comparing comprehension in digital and traditional print texts found this often occurred.
Learning occurs outside traditional classroom
This is one reason that new literacies demand a more social environment
Should it be prerequisite to writing with computers
This is one of the ongoing issues related to keyboarding instructions.
Cursive Writing
Some educators feel that feel that time spent on this would be better spent teaching word processing.
Phonemic Awareness
Since this remains a foundational skill in learning to read, many websites provide interactive practice to foster it.
Digital storytelling
This process of using images and audio to tell the stories of lives, events, or eras can enrich students’ literacy development.
Electronic Outlining
This resource helps students prepare to write by automatically generating headings and subheadings from typed information.
Interactive Whiteboard
One strategy to teach students how to edit and revise their writing is to use this to model the decision making that goes into analyzing and revising text.
Spelling and Grammar Checkers
All word processing have these features that can be used to support the editing process.
Digital Publishing
Using this strategy, students share their written works in forums such as websites, electronic books, multimedia slide shows, and news broadcasts.
English Language Learners (ELL)
In K-12 settings, this is currently the most commonly used term for language learners who are in a classroom with an English-speaking environment, and English is a second or additional language for them.
Intercultural Exchanges
Despite their usefulness, these technology-based activities remain an add-on in most classrooms for English language learners due to logistical issues and pressure to meet standards.
International Children’s Digital Library
This searchable, multilingual resource is useful for finding books with relevant academic and cultural content for English language learners.
With this resource made up of a collection of web pages, an online community can collaborate and communicate ideas as its users contribute or modify content to the site.