EDU MT #2 Prep

Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS)
-where?- Hickey gym
-population served- student athletes
-services offered-academic advising
-priority registration offered?-2nd quarter priority registration
Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS)
-where?-University house
-population served- international students
-services offered-academic advising, visa and other document help, employment, counseling, orientations,
-priority registration offered?- no
-Transitional challenges faced- culture shock, language barrier, legal documents, unfamiliar with US school system
University Honors Program (UHP)
-where?-Surge III
-population served-honors students
-services offered-academic advising, mingling events, help finding job and research opportunities
-priority registration offered?-2nd quarter
-How to join?- 1) invited as an incoming freshman, and 2) apply as a situated freshman with a 3.5 GPA after 1st quarter
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
-where?-next to South Hall (EOP/Guardian Scholars office)
-population served- low income, 1st generation students, and students coming from underrepresented backgrounds
-services offered-advising, peer advising, STEP program (priority with 1st 2 years, co-classes (math, writing, and science), tutor access, own special sections (WLD 57S, etc.)
-priority registration offered?-no, unless in STEP
-3 criteria to be eligible- 1)low income, 2)1st generation college student, 3)coming from an underrepresented background
-how to apply for EOP after Fall Q begins?- 1) contact the admissions office before starting at UCD, or 2) after starting school, go to the office!
-Guardian Scholar’s Program (GSP)= name for the EOP program that serves foster youth and wards of the state
AB540 and Undocumented Student Center
-where?-Student Community Center (SCC)
-population served- undocumented/illegal students
-services offered-scholarships (finding them), legal counselfing, academic counseling?
-priority registration offered?-no
-needs: financial aid, empower students to attain their educational goals, overcome legal and financial obstacles and achieve their long-term dreams.
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CA&ES) General Info
-Degrees offered-ONLY BS
-Dean’s office-150 Mrak Hall
-Full Name of Associate Dean-Susan Ebeler
-Undeclared Majors-undeclared exploratory major
-Majors/Programs offered-animal science, managerial economics, nutrition
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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CA&ES) Advising Differences
-P/NP allowed?-1/3 units
-Unit Cap-225
-Upper Div-54 units
-Foreign language requirement-NONE
-English Composition Requirement- 1) 2 lower div, or 2) AP cred + 1 lower div, or 3) College English Composition Exam
**no area breadth requirement
College of Biological Sciences (CBS) General Info
-Degrees offered-AB and BS
-Dean’s office-BASC=Biology Academic Success Center (1023 Science Laboratory building)
-Full Name of Associate Dean-Susan Keen
-Undeclared Majors-undeclared life scienes
-Majors/Programs offered- NPB, BIS, MIC
College of Biological Sciences (CBS) Advising Differences
-P/NP allowed?- 1/3 total units
-Unit Cap-200, must petition for 225
-Upper Div-64
-Foreign language requirement-15 units if getting a BA
-English Composition Requirement-1)College English Composition Exam or 2) 1 lower division (AP) + 1 upper division
College of Letters and Science (L&S) General Info
-Dean’s office-200 Social Sciences and Humanities
-Full Name of Associate Dean- James McClain
-Undeclared Majors- undeclared social sciences, undeclared physical sciences, undeclared humanities, undeclared fine arts***
-Majors/Programs offered- Economics, Math, Physics, Music, Statistics
College of Letters and Science (L&S) Advising Differences
-P/NP allowed?-1/3 units (can change 1/4 of total units)
-Unit Cap-225
-Upper Div-64
-Foreign language requirement-15 unit proficiency
-English Composition Requirement-1) College English Composition Exam, or 2) 1 lower division (AP) + 1 upper div
College of Ag-2 selective majors
1) Biotechnology
2)viticulture and enology (have all pre-reqs and GPA req)
College of Ag- 1 pre-major
-have to be approved (portfolio, prerequisites, GPA)
The three divisions of CA&ES
Agricultural Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Human Sciences
Career Discovery Groups (CDG)
3 Quarter seminars to help find potential careers within the college of ag
3 classes-SAS 98 (1), SAS5 (3), SAS98 (1)
ALL CBS majors complete same coursework in 1st four years: CHE, BIS, MAT, PHY (BIS 2A (5) has NO PREREQ, encouraged to enroll in BIS 2 series Freshman year)
CLS-2 impacted majors
1) Psychology
2)Computer Science (only applies to switching in-need certain GPA, prereqs, etc.)
The three divisions of CLS
1)Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies
2)Mathematical and Physical Sciences
3)Social Sciences
AREA BREADTH requirement for CLS BA students
completed with 1st year GE coursework
Bachelor’s of Arts and Science (majoring in A.B. and B.S.)
Max units for Internships
1/6 of total UC Davis units or 30-units (whichever is less)
How many times can each placement exam be taken per testing session?
-Math and Chem- 1 per testing session (twice per quarter)
-Foreign lang- once per language
How is the Spanish Placement Exam “Advisory Only”?
This means that if you take it, you do not have to follow which class the test placed you in. THIS IS THE ONLY ADVISORY FOREIGN LANGUAGE EXAM
If you have never studied or been exposed to a foreign language, do you need to take the exam?
Workload Math
WLD 55 M (3 units), only offered in FALL
Workload Chem
WLD 41C (3 units), only offered in FALL
NOTE: no exam score is needed in enroll in WLD 41C
Workload English
WLD 57E (4.5 units)
Special Transitional Enrichment Program
College of Engineering (Basic Info)
-1050? Kemper Hall
-Only BS
-associate dean=Jean-Pierre Delplanque
-undeclared majors=NONE
-no unit cap
-upper div req?- don’t believe so
-No foreign lang requirement
-P/NP is NOT permitted
-English Comp requirement= 1 lower division and 1 upper div
** prerequisites are strictly enforced
College of Engineering Annual Advising Requirement
Place on an advising hold until they meet with an adviser during their appointed time
5 courses required for students wanting to change their major into Engineering
MAT 021A, 021B, 021C; CHE 002A; PHY 009A
** MUST GET A C- or BETTER (2.0 GPA in these courses and all other courses)
-Biomedical, Mechanical, and Aerospace engineers REQUIRE a 2.8 GPA
Engineering 1=Nuts and Bolts
Fall and Winter quarter, 1 units. Is an intro to Engineering, for first years only
Engineering catalog rights
ONLY have catalog rights to the Curriculum of the year in which they GRADUATE
Class search tool URL
General Catalog URL
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
5 periods of schedule builder course registration
Pass1 (appointment only, 17 units)
Pass 1 Open Registration (17)
Pass 2 (appointment only, 19 units)
Pass 2 Open Registration (19)
Schedule Adjustment (28.5)
finished with lower division GE requirements (EXEMPT FROM GE REQ), but doesnt satisfy college english composition requirement (upper div if not in College of Ag)
Reentry student=?
25 or older, married or with dependents (children)
-Transferability vs Articulation= Transferable units: No equivalent class, but units are transferable.
Count towards graduation.; Articulated Credit: the is an equivalent class
-Semester units are multiplied by 1.5 to covert to quarter units (3X1.5=4.5 quarter units)
-max number of lower div units=105
-UPPER DIV coursework is NOT capped
Student Disability Center
-Exam accommodations, note-taker services, counseling and advising
Student Academic Success Center
-Drop-in tutoring, study skills workshops
Transfer Reentry Veterans Center
-For undergrads over age 25, with dependents or married
-academic advising
Education Opportunity Program
Internship and Career Center
-Advising, Resume help, finding internships
-WRRC=Women’s Resources and Research Center
-CETL=Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
-OSD=Office of Student Development
-RHAT=Residence Hall Advising Team
-CSI=Center for Student Involvement
-URCenter=Undergraduate Research Center
-CCC=Cross Cultural Center
-IFC=Interfraternity Council
-DCPA=Panhellenic Council
-NPHC=National Pan-Hellenic Council
-USFC=United Sorority and Fraternity Council
-LGBTQIA=Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Aesexual
-SRRC=Student Recruitment and Retention Center
-CVPP=Center for Advocacy, Resources, and Education
-STEP=Special Transitional Enrichment Program
First Year Seminars
Sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) @
-1 or 2 units, P/NP or letter grade
-no max # of seminars allowed per quarter, but will only be given credit for one
Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program
-Anonymous Call Line
-Confidential Counseling
-OSD=Office of Student Development
-RHAT=Residence Hall Advising Team
-FYE=First Year Experience
-TAAC, SAAC, CAAC=Tercero, Segundo and Cuarto Academic Advising Centers