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STYLES OF ECOTOURISM Ecotourism is a form of tourism enclosing visiting delicate, unspoilt, and generally undisturbed natural areas, purposed as a low impact and often small scale alternative to standard merchant tourism.Its aim may be train the traveller, to ensure funds for ecological protection, to immediately utilize the economic improving and political empowerment of regional communities or to encourage esteem for distinct cultures and for human rights.Ecotourism can be classified into three main categories on the basis of styles: Self reliant ecotourism, Small group ecoturism and Popular ecotourism Self reliant ecotourism is the first style of ecotourism.

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People who use this style do non motorized travel usually by foot, canoe, sea kayak or similar. Self reliant ecotourism involves individual travellers or groups of less than ten who have high information and skills base needed to make most of opportunity.

People who use this style have should be high degree of self reliance because of challenges faced by the traveling places. by giving examples of the style of this activity : bushwalking with an environmental educational focus in remote areas or in remnant forest patches, camping on a coral Kay, guided dive trips, interpreted river canoeing, rafting or sea kayaking, bird watching study groups. The second style of ecotourism is small group ecotourism. People who use this style do non motorized or motorized low capacity vehicle such as car, 4WD, mini bus or small power boa tor mountain bike. mall group ecotourism support infrastructure requirements contain: roads, toilet facilities, camping grounds and interpretive displays and it involves groups sizes of thirty or fewer. Illustration of this style include: interpreted spotlighting tours in the rainforest at night, self guided interpretive forest drives or walks, guided 4WD tours on Fraser Island, specialised dive trips to the Great Barrier Reef. The final style of ecoturism is popular ecotourism. People who use this style utilize motorized high capacity transport such as larger bus or high speed catamaran. his style promotes full kind of facilities generally anticipated of high quality day trip tourismand it has no maximum group size. People who use this style do not need to high degrees of self reliance because of little knowledge and abilities base required to make most of opportunity. To sum up, there are three main categories of styles on the basic of ecoturism: Self reliant ecotourism, Small group ecoturism and Popular ecotourism. All styles of ecotourism Provide incentive to protect environment.

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