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In the scenario that was given, the type of ecotourism that I identify is “soft ecotourism”. This is because there was no account of any wild or dangerous animal(s). The writer made mention of quails and roadrunners which are birds.

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Apart from these, there was no hint of a fearful atmosphere as the mode was mild. From the given scenario, I identified that the tourist centre is a mixture of nature and adventure ecotourism.

The writer noted that they went to a museum where they saw some artifacts. Apart for this, she talked about the stars being much there. The hiking up and down the mountain to se where the Indians resided makes us see the adventurous part of the journey. As I perceive, the tourist attraction might not totally be in its natural state because the management might altered something there in order to make the place more beautiful. This is because of the presence of a museum in the place.