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Economics Notes and Answers

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They don't have the opportunities in their own country rather than the freedom and opportunity in America. Why do immigrants often do better financially than native-born Americans?

No because the government regulates everything that happens and takes years to do so. Can innovation occur without personal freedom?

It doesn't even compare close because in America, they are living in pipes and shacks in majority of the country. How does being poor in America compare with being poor in the rest of the world?

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Economics Notes and Answers

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They are easy to open businesses and have less regulations. What do the countries with the most wealth have in moon?

They have begun to increase profitably because they don't have as many government regulations as before. As a case study, what has happened to the economies of Eastern European countries since regaining their freedom fromthe Soviet rule?

India is restricted by the regulations to invent products and evolve because it takes so long to make a business. Anybody has the opportunity as long as there is freedom. The video argues that a lack of natural resources cannot explain why India is poor - because Hong Kong was nothing but a big rock, and it became rich. Do you agree or agrees with this argument?

What might additional evidence convince you that this argument is correct? 10. Yes because America is making Jobs and training people to be able to do things that other countries wouldn't allow these people to do. Segment 2 opens with John Stole saying, "Even if you don't think America is the best country in the world, you can't quarrel with America's performance at creating opportunity. " Do you accept this? Why? Why not? 11. 9 because immigrants are allowed to come in Economics Notes By segmental 7 anything if you put your heart to it. On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate

America's openness to new ideas? To immigrants? 12. Businesses are regulated before developed and have to go through a process to be approved. This makes sure that businesses aren't being handed out for the wrong reasons like drug smuggling or related events. This could also restrict someone dedicated to making the economy better fail. List some government regulations. What are their benefits? What are their costs? 13. Yes because not everybody is racist and a majority of people are not racist. You can overcome everything if you have the will to do it. The restaurant owner, Mali Instead, claims that you can triumph over the racial and ethnic prejudice in America. Do you agree or disagree? Why? 14. No because the people are intelligent enough to know what they are voting for and understand what they want. Dines Dugout's argues that people voting with their feet is powerful testimony relative to desirable places to live. Do you agree with his analysis? 15. No because everybody wants to come here and we are succeeding. Freedom is something that attracts a lot of people and makes them want to come here. Is it arrogant to assert that America is Number One? Why? Why not? Read the list of microeconomic policies

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