Economic Goals

∗∗How does achieving one economic goals interfere with the achievement other economic goals?∗∗
∗∗How are the six economic goals valued in different economic systems?∗∗
What are the six economic goals
1) Economic Security
2) Economic Stability
3) Economic Growth
4) Economic Freedom
5) Economic Efficiency
6) Economic Equity
Economic Efficiency
wise use of available resources so as to obtain the greatest benefits possible
Economic Stability
refers to maintaining stable prices and full employment and keeping economic growth reasonably smooth and steady.
Economic Security
the freedom to feel safe no matter where we are
Economic Freedom
The freedom to own property, to make a profit, and to make choices about what to produce, buy, and sell
Economic Growth
the ability of the economy to produce increasing quantities of goods and services
Economic Equity
the attempt to balance an economic policy so that everyone benefits fairly